Why is Novak Djokovic Nole called

Djokovic family and their strange theories

Because the tennis circus is resting in the Corona crisis, some stars keep talking with bizarre statements. Novak Djokovic speaks out against vaccinations, his wife Jelena sees tooth decay as a danger to the fertility of women.

The tennis circus usually keeps its protagonists and their followers on the go - 24/7, as it has been called in the language of advertising copywriters for a good decade. You rush from game to game, from tournament to tournament, week after week, month after month. There is hardly any time for missteps.

Usually. But what is still common since Corona? It's sour cucumber season, and it does so all the time. The unfamiliar vacuum drives tennis players intellectually to top performance. A month ago, Roger Federer suggested merging the men's and women's tour and won the idea, if not the unreserved applause of his male colleagues, then certainly the last of the women's hearts, which have not flown to him anyway.

Former top player and suffragette Billie Jean King was thrilled. Rafael Nadal, who usually only speaks outside the court on the latest developments in fishing or Real Madrid's last match, joined Federer's idea. You can't go wrong with the advancement of women these days.

A family power play

But no one is more present on social platforms and in other shallows of social life than Novak Djokovic. The world number one a. D. has, to a certain extent, put on a family power play. Together with his wife Jelena and mother Dijana, he keeps himself and his name in conversation even without spectacular rallies. «Chosen by God», «Sterile because of tooth decay!» or “Mother Dijana thinks Federer is 'a bit arrogant'” are just the catchiest of a whole bunch of headlines that the 33-year-old Serb and his entourage produced in the last month of abstinence from tennis.

Mother Djokovic's frontal attack on Federer in the Serbian online portal "Blic Sport" even lured Andy Roddick, one of the most intelligent and quick-witted contemporaries of the last two tennis decades, out of the reserve. The word "arrogant" does not figure among the first 6000 that he would use in connection with Federer. "It's just unnecessary to compete for attention from the sidelines in this way," Roddick told the American tennis channel.

Mother Djokovic only expressed her opinion, and her statement is still one of the most innocuous that the world currently reaches from the Djokovic house. His wife Jelena, who studied economics and was a very intelligent woman, dared to step on the ice of infertility and wrote on Instagram: "Tooth decay and gum disease have a bad effect on the fertility of women." She recommends her 500,000 followers to rinse with salt water and baking soda to make their mother happy.

The question of whether they can also help against defamation is still in the clinical test phase - as is any vaccinations against the coronavirus, which seems to affect the Djokovics so badly. But even if such a corona vaccine should soon be ready for the market: It is already clear to Novak Djokovic that he will not be vaccinated against the virus. He wrote on Facebook: “Personally, I am against vaccinations. I don't want someone forcing me to take a vaccine in order to travel. "

This makes him the figurehead of a growing movement, about which the emeritus immunology professor Beda Stadler recently said in an interview: "Often, anti-vaccination opponents are simply stupid." Now, as a popular guest on all possible talk channels, Stadler himself is not above all doubts and, in the interests of his own conviction, is always ready for a little provocation. But for Djokovic's real concern, increasing his popularity, the avowal against the syringe was a shot in the buttocks. He drove the undecided tennis supporters in droves into the camp of the women's supporter Federer.

The help of the supernatural

At the moment things are not going too well for the Serbs anyway: the world rankings are frozen, Federer is persistently defending 28 weeks lead as the longest number one with the help of the virus. And now Djokovic has to justify himself because he is said to have broken the curfew in Spain. He has been seen hitting tennis balls in the open air near Marbella.

In times of need Djokovic seeks the help of the supernatural. He appeared twice on Instagram with the Iranian Chervin Jafarieh, whom he describes as his “brother with a different mother”. In the first video, Jafarieh lectures on how it is possible to change the molecular structure of water simply by thinking. Good water, bad water. Djokovic nods reverently. In the second video, it gets a little more grounded. This time the healer is talking about nutrition; he also sells food supplements - what a fortunate coincidence.

But Djokovic is apparently no longer in the water glass after the storm. In any case, he justifies himself in a long introduction. “We are not saying that everyone should now follow our recommendations and our convictions. Everyone has the right to decide for themselves what to do and what advice to follow. I respect that. In return, I hope that you will also respect my decision. I assure you that I follow her with the greatest of conviction. "

Over 350,000 followers have already watched the video, and more than one has also raised their virtual thumbs. If that's not a success for someone who thirsts for recognition. And should that not be enough for Djokovic, he has another trump card up his sleeve. In any case, Mother Djokovic said that God personally chose her Nole. Federer can pack up with Billie Jean King.