Are catface spiders dangerous to humans

Benefits of cats, solutions to cat problems like scratched sofa

The numbers speak a pretty clear language. The most popular pet of the Germans is - the cat. 13.4 million dogs live in German households, so the 8.6 million dogs cannot cope with that. Although the latter at least fetch newspapers and even call the emergency services if the master suffers a heart attack (one reads from time to time). So why are cats so much more popular, not only in Germany, but also in the USA, Brazil and the rest of the world? Because they are possibly the better pets after all, the best even?

If you pursue such questions, you can't avoid a book at the moment: the US bestseller “The Lion in the Living Room”, which has just been published in German. In it, Abigail Tucker explores the mystery of the house cat - and explains why their popularity has a lot to do with their faces.

ICONIST: We had an article planned on why cats are the greatest pets. But then we noticed: There aren't that many reasons for it. Or can you tell us which ones?

Abigail Tucker: That was one of the most fascinating results of my research: There are more than a billion domestic cats - but no good reason for it. We just love hanging out with cats. But they don't do anything for us like dogs do. Some people think cats catch rats, but if you read the literature on it, you quickly learn that they are not really good at it. If you want to fight a rat problem, you should get a Rat Terrier.

Larry the cat has lived at 10 Downing Street in London for twelve years and is reportedly a very avid mouse hunter: