How can I make vegan bruschetta

Bruschetta with Tomatoes

The Italians have it perfectly with the simple but delicious dishes. Bruschetta with Tomatoes is such a classic that tastes delicious, but is also extremely easy to cook yourself in your own kitchen.

In any case, pay attention to the quality of the food, (you should always do it anyway) because you will not be happy with tasteless tomatoes and even with baguettes it should perhaps not be the product from the discounter for 40 cents, but high-quality goods from the health food store. You can taste it and at the same time you increase the likelihood of buying a vegan product, because usually only water, yeast, flour and salt are used in such a bread.

As a starter, I would expect two of the bruschettas with tomatoes per person, so that you can make four people happy with the quantities here. Then there is still a little space for the main course and dessert.

TheBruschettaare also part of my vegan Christmas menu. You can find the contribution to this 3-course menu, including linked recipes, here. The recipes are all pretty simple. So take a look at them and be happy to try it out.