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What promotion opportunities do exhibitors have at the fair?

Not only in advance, but also during the fair, exhibitors can draw attention to themselves on site.

Expert: Michaela Griep
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Popular measures

So-called "walking acts" are in great demand at fairs with strong marketing skills such as embedded world, where exhibitors have large advertising budgets. A person becomes an advertising space and draws attention to the exhibiting company through a costume or sign, for example. In contrast to this, exhibitors at other large trade fairs such as fensterbau / frontale like to book exclusive advertising measures that are only available to one company at a time. The catalog of exclusive advertising measures includes, for example, lanyards (neck straps) for admission tickets and advertising on the back of the admission tickets. There are also large advertising banners for the exhibition car park or a zeppelin that flies in the entrance areas.

Distribution of prospectuses

In principle, the distribution of brochures on the exhibition grounds is only permitted in exceptional cases, as this is intended to prevent sensory overload. Any material that is distributed too much is only carelessly disposed of and is no longer noticed by the visitor.

Live actions at the booth

Exhibitors may carry out front moderations as well as a wide variety of live demonstrations at their stand, as long as these comply with the respective technical guidelines of the exhibition company. Here, particular attention must be paid to the protection of the neighborhood. For example, the maximum permissible volume at the edge of the stand is clearly defined. In addition, other safety regulations apply, including fire protection and compliance with the escape routes. Live demonstrations at the booth are generally only permitted if they do not pose a risk to the people on the booth.

Mini-Zeppelin as advertising space high above the visitors to the embedded world trade fair. (Photo: NürnbergMesse)

Advertising opportunities

NürnbergMesse has a broad portfolio of selected advertising measures that can be booked both indoors and outside the exhibition grounds. Classic poster advertising, which, for example, lines the parking lot, is particularly suitable for small companies with a low budget. The medium price budget includes advertising measures such as floor posters, city light posters or printed serviettes that are on display in the trade fair's catering areas. Special advertising measures such as the “walking act” or footprints on the site, which the exhibitor can freely design, are available in limited numbers - so that the measures remain clear. As a rule, NürnbergMesse issues one permit per exhibition hall.

Success rate

The repeat orders show that these advertising measures are effective: around three quarters of our exhibitors book the measures they have chosen again. The interest in exclusive advertising measures, which exhibitors would like to reserve for the upcoming event, is particularly high. So that the chances of booking a certain measure are the same for all companies, the principle of "first come - first served" applies.


NürnbergMesse has different requirements for the motifs of posters: For example, these may not refer to competition events and may not contain product prices or overly revealing representations. In addition, NürnbergMesse examines socially critical motives in case of doubt. This applies, for example, to the IWA & Outdoor Classics trade fair, where the type of motif display (including hunting weapons) is checked.

special wishes

As a matter of principle, NürnbergMesse's exhibition service also tries to implement special requests and ideas for extraordinary promotional measures from exhibitors. Inflatable pumpkins were already used at BioFach, and special vehicles such as advertising trucks were used at various events.

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