Why did Disco die

Woman died after falling in a disco: three years imprisonment

A man from Graz is said to have bumped into a 25-year-old during an argument in a disco, so that the woman's head hit the dance floor and finally died. Now he was sentenced to a prison term.

Because he bumped into a young woman in a Graz disco in June and she tragically died, a 36-year-old from Graz had to answer for fatal bodily harm on Thursday. He admitted the act, but said he only wanted to intervene in an argument. The judge was of the opinion that he had acted "out of aggression and anger" and imposed an unconditional three-year prison sentence.

The verdict made people shake their heads and expressions of disbelief. The defendant and all the witnesses stated that the 25-year-old victim had an argument with a few other girls, and she also slapped the face. When the drunk woman - like many other disco-goers presumably at 3 a.m. - approached the group again, the defendant intervened and pushed her back. The woman from Graz fell to the ground and suffered such a severe head injury that she died four days later.

Man weighed 120 kilos more

"At that time he had 165 kilograms, the woman 45, he had to expect that such a shock would have consequences," said public prosecutor Ewald Hörzer. "He takes responsibility and he is sorry. He will have to struggle with the consequences for his whole life anyway," said defense attorney Karin Hermann. All witnesses described the incident more or less the same: The 36-year-old pushed the woman violently, which of course had to have strong effects, but such a tragic outcome was not foreseeable.

But judge Gernot Patzak, who urgently needed a break between the only a few minutes of the prosecutor's and defense counsel's pleadings, but otherwise handled the negotiation rather quickly, wanted an extremely strict sentence for special and general preventive reasons. "I can imagine that you have been insulted by her," he said - although there was no evidence of a quarrel between the accused and the victim. "Out of aggression and anger," said Patzak, he then pushed the woman and therefore three years of unconditional imprisonment were justified. The defense attorney immediately announced the annulment complaint and appeal, the judgment is not final.