What are some tips for barrel racing

Preparation for the BarrelRace?

Western riding style: Comes from America, as comfortable as possible for the rider, no support given, but "neck reining" use

English classic riding style: Basically the same (?), Based on, etc. This also includes show jumping: Parcours, 10-12 jumps, galloping, etc. In addition, dressage riding: Basically the same as EK riding style (?) , stop with aids "that you can't see" horse and rider in perfection ", gymnastics of the horse -What is the difference between the classic, English and dressage riding style? 😅

Military / Versatility riding style: both the same, only the names in different languages, dressage, terrain, jumping part ... (most strenuous riding style)

"Flat races" or horse races? : Thoroughbreds and jockeys compete at a gallop

Trotting: two-wheeled "Sulki" cart, horse has to pull him while he trots the "race"

Hunting races:) Mixture of versatility and jumping?), Horses have to jump very often, over "natural" obstacles (🌲🌰), at a gallop and further ...? 😅

Equestrian games: often for children who have to prove skill and perseverance, e.g. Slalom riding, barrel racing (which I think is a western discipline (etc.)

Rodeos: utter crap (sorry, that's the way it is), riding on wild, semi-wild horses, bareback, on bulls, or lasso tricks .., prohibited in some countries (THANK YOU dear God), goal = rider should stay on top

These are all riding styles that I could find, are they all there and are they correctly represented by me? 😇 If not, I would be very happy about a correction so that I finally understand everything, thank you guys!

PS.: The riding styles were only briefly explained because otherwise it would go beyond the scope of this question