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Lightweight seats


Since I have now tested, calculated and checked enough, I would like to introduce you to my new lightweight seat.
The prototype passed all tests to the fullest satisfaction, e.g. it withstood a load of 60kg at the extreme upper end.

The completely revised 2nd version has been designed to be almost 100g lighter, but much more stable. This time the tension / pressure belts are not made from poplar plywood but from 10x15mm balsa strips. So there are no barrel interruptions or angles to them, which greatly reduces the strength.

After my wafer-thin lightweight seats with a total weight of around 400g, I paid great attention to stability, rigidity and durability. The standard cover layer veneer is 1.6mm Ilomba plywood. This is weather resistant and relatively hard / abrasion resistant. The seat is designed for people up to 100kg, but you can also weigh more if you are more careful with the seat.

Currently there are only a few render images from my technical drawings.

Weight of the "premium model" with the balsa bar, including fastening material (only 4xM8 / 10 screws are still missing): 592g
Savings are possible, for example, through thinner side panels. The main loads are taken up by the tension / compression straps of the core. E.g. with 0.6mm birch plywood you can save another 90g. Hollow-drilled upper rods bring about 25g -> 487 total weight.
The strip in which the bars are located can also be replaced by balsa -> 40g less, but there is a risk that the holes will then wear out quickly.
The "standard model", which has a simpler poplar core, will weigh approx. 100g more and be similarly stable.



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