What are business competitive disadvantages

Business security

Security is an important location factor. Companies that want to do business successfully need a safe environment - in many ways. Companies are attacked on a daily basis by white-collar crime, economic and industrial espionage, cyber crime, corruption and infringement of property rights. In addition to financial losses, there is a risk of competitive disadvantages; Not infrequently, reputational losses are also feared.

It is also of great importance for small and medium-sized companies to make sure of their respective threat situation and to take appropriate measures for their own protection.

Product and brand piracy

Brand piracy is the illegal use of symbols, names, logos (brands) and business names that are used by brand manufacturers to identify their products in retail.

Product piracy is the forbidden copying and copying of goods for which the legitimate manufacturers have invention rights, design rights and procedural rights. The brand and product pirate illegally takes over the technical knowledge that a company has acquired over many years of hard work and with enormous financial resources in order to use it for its products. He uses the awareness of a brand that a brand manufacturer has gained due to its quality products in order to deceive the consumer about the actual origin of the goods and quality.

Industrial espionage

Industrial espionage is understood to be the state-controlled or protected research of commercial enterprises and companies that is carried out by third-party intelligence services.

The area of ‚Äč‚Äčintelligence activities is the task of counter-espionage of the constitution protection authorities.

Competitive spying, colloquially industrial espionage, is the research that one competing company conducts against another. This area does not belong to the remit of the constitution protection authorities.


Corruption in the legal sense is the abuse of a position of trust in a function in administration, justice, business, politics or non-economic associations or organizations, for example foundations, in order to obtain a material or immaterial advantage to which there is no legally justified claim.

Corruption denotes bribery and corruption, taking advantage and granting advantages.