Computer science is mathematics intensive

Bachelor of Computer Science

Course of study

Computer science is the science of the systematic processing of information. The computer can be used as an aid, but this is not absolutely necessary. So the content is not limited to the construction of computers or how to use them.

Computer science deals with complex systems in which people and / or machines interact on the basis of certain rules. The information processing processes that take place in the system are considered. The point is to understand these processes, to describe them, to model them formally and to simulate them. Desired processes and rules must be able to be planned and constructed so that information processing systems can then be developed in the manner of an engineer. These systems can be individual devices, e.g. workstation computers, but they can also be complex infrastructures made up of diverse networked special devices such as cell phones, notebooks, GPS receivers and mainframes.

Job profiles

Computer science graduates are very versatile. In practice, you will deal with the conception, planning, implementation, modification and maintenance of information-transmitting and information-processing systems. These can be weapons deployment systems and command and control information systems for the Bundeswehr, multimedia communication systems for companies and states, or control systems for machines, industrial plants or traffic - to name just a few examples. Areas of application for computer scientists are also expanding rapidly in the small dimensions: smartphones, wristwatches, mobile computing or medical body data. All of these things are becoming more powerful, flexible, secure and user-friendly at a tremendous rate and are networked more intensively with other systems. Specific occupations are:

  • Collaboration in the development of new data processing systems
  • Participation in the introduction and renewal of information technologies
  • Operation, maintenance and sales of products for the computer industry
  • Activities in various training institutions, including teaching and research
  • Graduates of the Master’s degree are increasingly employed in the academic field and in managerial positions in IT departments.

Bachelor of Computer Science

In the bachelor's degree in computer science, basic knowledge of the structure of information processing devices and connection networks is imparted, as well as mathematical methods for the analysis and description of information processing processes and typical modern approaches in the development of systems for specific applications. More emphasis is placed on abstract structures and procedures than on knowledge and handling of specific tools or technologies.

In the download area you will find the subject examination regulations and the module handbook for the course.

To prepare for the mathematics modules, a "mathematics preparatory course" is offered in the first year of study. The preliminary course takes place in the introductory week before the start of the autumn trimester.

Participation in courses

An overview of the courses planned for the current and the next academic year can be found on the entry page for the degree programs. Enrolled students can join lectures and exercises via the campus management system HISinOne and use it to register for exams.

Registration for internships and seminars is usually done in person or by email to the respective lecturer or supervisor.