Muffins or bagels

Muffins, donuts & bagels

The very first glance at the exterior of the new muffins from the development department of the frozen bakery specialist Hack shows that something special is on offer here. Embedded in decorative paper blossoms or, alternatively, in the classic form, the color of which the customer can choose according to his taste, crispy, juicy cakes are presented that look as if they were in Grandma's oven a minute ago.

Inside, however, the most modern art of baking is revealed: Be it as 'Pur Fun' with Sicilian lemon oil, 'Sweet Love' with aromatic cherries in chocolate dough, 'Dream Team' with sour cherries and chocolate sprinkles, 'Chocolate Kiss', the total chocolate aroma with two different things crispy chocolate chunks in dark chocolate batter, as a fruity 'Minnesota Muffin' with blueberries and crunchy crumbles, as a 'Berry Star' with currants, nuts, oat flakes and a pinch of cinnamon or finally as a nutty 'New York Muffin' with large pieces of apple and yogurt Caramel crisp.

No artificial colors or preservatives are used. Of course, the new muffins are also frozen immediately after baking and are individually packaged in the tried and tested Hack-TK boxes for consumers to take out.

What do donuts and bagels have in common? Correct. Both are round and have a hole in the middle. However, when it comes to products from the Hack AG Coffee Shop series, the definition for both could be: a hole with a lot of taste around it. Both product lines will be presented at the Internorga with an expanded range.

In addition to the previous offer, the colorful range of hack donuts will in future impress with delicious fillings and come in an appetizing striped outfit. The new delicacies are called 'filled pink', 'filled cream' and 'filled brown'. A crunchy, tender batter is wrapped in a cream made from raspberries, chocolate or with a vanilla flavor. Also - unfilled, but refreshingly colorful: the 'pure party donut'. On a chocolate icing you will find colorful, sweet confetti, which will especially please the little sweet tooth.
Bagels will in future be available in the variations 'pur Indian' as a natural specialty, 'pur Oriental' with sesame and 'pur Country' with different seeds and grains. Hack not only delivers everything freshly frozen and individually removable, but also offers great suggestions for individual configuration options and recipes for bagels, for example.