Are you secretly a weeaboo

Anime otakus

'Sorry that I avoided a question you addressed to Baphomet, which I don't even have to answer because it was part of a discussion that I did not contribute or lead to, which means, for the taking down, that I never myself too only got involved in this debate / made you such accusations (because that, my dear, was Baphomet), is therefore completely irrelevant and, moreover, does not even go beyond the usual ad hominem gulps, because no matter what my circumstances are is (not that bad at all, I would say, even if as a student I have not yet started planning for the future), my statements, which, as I said, were not really part of this topic, would not invalidate it.
^ By the way, everything that is written there will be ignored again anyway.

If I remember correctly, I chalked you down on certain behaviors or the urge to be free from fools, because my acceptance (! = Tolerance) knows its limits, right? Not your social status. I know him more or less, after all you have a wife, animals, children, you live in a nice house and you will probably earn tons of money. But one thing has nothing to do with the other, because that was your discussion with Baphomet, not with me and I have no clue why my situation should be the topic of conversation now.
So please: don't distract yourself. If you have to drive a pig through the village, then no bystanders.

And if that still wasn't clear enough ...

Edit: Ah, my mistake. The “fat” was taken from a quote from me after all, which was then picked up as a topic by Baphomet. But the problem still persists: Baphomet leads the discussion, not me and if you want to roll around and say that “get fat” as “you're so fat!” can be scored to twist a rope, I'm afraid you'll lose out.