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End of career By David Ortiz: Goodbye "Big Papi"

Boston / Munich When it was suddenly all over, the game, the season, but above all David Ortiz's career, silence fell over Fenway Park in Boston. It took a few seconds before the supporters of the local Red Sox had gathered, then they came, the chants - "thank you, papi". They called for him for ten minutes before Ortiz emerged from the cabin, went to the throwing hill, waved - and cried.

One of the most notable careers in the American national sport, baseball, ended on Monday night. Ortiz, almost 41 years old, had already announced last November that this season, his 20th, would be the last for him. But it ended earlier than expected. In the play-off quarter-finals, the Red Rox were defeated by the Cleveland Indians 3-0, a "sweep" they call it.

"When I went out to the throwing hill, I realized, I realized that ... it was over," Ortiz said. “It was the last time that I stood in front of an audience as a player. And then the emotions came out again. ”Emotions that he would have gladly done without that evening. But the magic that “Big Papi”, a man's bear, had often exuded, especially in the crucial October days, did not materialize.

There have been few major league baseball players who put all their skills to the test when it came to the World Series, when it came down to winning the last game of the season. Ortiz was one of them, they put him in line with the legends Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle, or with Reggie Jackson, known as “Mr. October ". "Big Papi" helped the Red Sox to the championship three times, in 2004, 2007 and 2013.

That was not what it looked like for the sturdy man with the affluent belly from the Dominican Republic. The Seattle Mariners signed him in 1992 when he was not even 17 years old, and five years later they pushed him to the Minnesota Twins, where he was no longer given a contract after the 2002 season. The Red Sox took the risk to sign Ortiz, who was suffering from knee problems. A coup.

Ortiz was such a dangerous hitter (batsman) that the opposing teams often let him go to first base on purpose, the only way to prevent him from scoring. Because: The big, strong dad still hit the ball with a terrifying naturalness into the field or immediately beyond it, even at a set age. Somehow it just didn't work out in the series against the much weaker Indians.

The reputation of "Big Papi" will not be affected by the fact that his farewell was rather unglamorous. Forgetting and suppressing the fact that his name appeared on a list from 2003 - there were about 100 players who allegedly had failed one or more doping tests. Yes, Ortiz always said he took dietary supplements, but never steroids or similar substances.

Those in charge of the MLB have confirmed to the superstar in the past few weeks that he has done nothing wrong. And so Ortiz can resign with a clear conscience after 2472 hits, 541 home runs and a rather impressive hit rate of 28.6 percent. Yes, he will miss a little something, the cat-and-mouse game between thrower and batsman "I'll miss it," he said.

The throwers in the MLB, on the other hand, will have a few fewer beads of sweat on their foreheads in the future.

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