How should I prepare for retirement?

4 tips for preparing for retirement

Retiring is a big decision. That is why everything should be planned precisely. We'll show you 4 steps to prepare.


1. Choose the right moment


Some people go into the retirement, when you have reached the appropriate age - but every way is different, and there can be many different signs that the time is right. Do you still enjoy your job? Does it still satisfy you? Finances also play an important role. Some retire when their children are out of the house, they have paid their mortgage, and they have no other major financial obligations. Also the critical look at one's own health plays an important role in the decision.


If you have a active retirement Want to travel and spend time with grandchildren, but are not as fit as they used to be, now might be a good time to retire from work. That way you can enjoy life as long as possible.  


2. Organize your finances 


Think about it, What You want to do in retirement how much that could cost and when these costs will come to you. Many initially spend more money traveling or doing exciting activities. As they get older and stay home more, they spend less money on it later.


Gather information about your entire assets - Pension, savings, stocks and real estate. Talk to one Financial advisorwhether you've saved enough already, or whether you need to take action first, such as cutting down on household expenses, moving to a smaller apartment, or working a little longer to save up for retirement. Experts advise that multiply expected annual expenses by 25. With this sum, you can ideally retire comfortably.


3. Build a social network


Your world may suddenly feel smaller when you quit work - you miss the day-to-day interactions with colleagues and other commuters. So why not a new one social network build up? Look it up Clubs and groups in your area or get involved in a local Charity or one school, around new peopleto get to know. Upload your neighbours a - your potential new best friend could live next door!


Tip: If you're more of the shy type, head to one lecture or one Discussion, in which you don't have to talk straight away. Remember that the standbyto listen and a beautiful smile are just as valuable as a great opening speech. The blend-a-med white toothpaste helps remove plaque and makes teeth cleaner.


4. Make a plan


When you've had a busy, time-consuming career, it can be strange at first, suddenly so much free time to have. So plan ahead. If you to travel want to think about where and how you get your Make dreams come true want. If you are more time with your children or grandchildren want to spend, consider moving closer to them. Maybe you could get involved on a regular basis, such as picking up people from school or looking after children.


If you prefer to study, one new ability or Learn sport Inquire now and contact local colleges, groups and organizations to help you Retire with a clear conscience can go.



Do you want to retire? We'd love to know how the process goes for you! Share your tips and suggestions with us in the comments.