What is the advantage of fluorescent lighting

DictionaryFluorescent lamp

The fluorescent lamp belongs to the group of low-pressure gas discharge lamps. The inside of the tube is coated with a fluorescent phosphor that converts the ultraviolet radiation from the light emission of mercury vapor into visible light. Their hot cathodes must be controlled by a ballast that provides the necessary voltage. Fluorescent lamps are available as rods, rings or as compact coiled lamps. They have a good light output and a long service life. They are also available as compact fluorescent lamps, in which the tubes are bent to reduce the size of the lamp. For the living area they are available with the common E14 / 27 socket as an energy-saving lamp.

field of use: Economical, extensive general lighting in the object area

very efficient (especially T16)large
good color renderingControl gear required
long lifetimeDimming possible but:
- control line
- The color of the light changes
 Luminous flux dependent on temperature
 no brilliance
 not shift-proof