What is the best WiFi 6 adapter

Upgrade router: use WLAN-ac and WiFi 6

The first step leads directly to the wireless router. Here you should first check which WLAN standard the device supports. If it is a WLAN router based on the 802.11n or even 802.11g standard, it transmits with a maximum transmission rate of i. d. Usually 150 or 54 Mbit / s. There are still some current devices with older WiFi adapters, but they are quickly becoming obsolete. It is gradually being replaced by the improved standards 802.11ac (WLAN-ac or WIFi 5) and WiFi 6.

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WLAN-ac and Wifi 6 offer significantly higher transmission rates - depending on the hardware used, 150, 300, 450 or even over 1,300 Mbit / s. The new standards also use various intelligent transmission technologies that can be used to bridge even unfavorable links. Mesh WLAN and MU-MIMO should be mentioned, with which additional antennas and access points bring more stability.

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The first step for a better wireless network is: Replace the old WiFi router with a WiFi-ac or, better still, a WiFi-6 counterpart. The access data for the Internet connection are required for the exchange. You should also consider a WLAN router with an integrated modem and avoid an additional device. After the new setup, you have to reconnect all WiFi devices to the new router.

After the Fritzbox 6660 Cable, at the beginning of the year, market leader AVM announced IFA innovations that support WiFi 6 and WiFi 6 in addition to 5G.

For a quick upgrade in between for those who don't want to wait: You could connect a WiFi-6 access point to a LAN socket on the router. You would then of course have to switch off the WLAN on the Fritzbox (if not required) and configure the wireless network based on the new access device. However, suitable devices are still rare, they are not cheaper than mid-range routers, which is why a new control center would currently be the wiser decision. WLAN-6 devices can be found in the linked messages on this page.