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Charles Simic

Because life is short and the life of each individual is unrepeatable. Poetry has been around for over 3,000 years, so it's the only place this fundamental truth is spoken. Great poems stop time. It's a secret that I've been trying to learn since I started writing almost 50 years ago.

Uros Zupan

I can no longer answer this question. Poems are part of my body and their creation is as natural a process as breathing or walking.

Mircea Cartarescu

A poem is an oxygen device. You can hold your breath while diving, but that doesn't last long. So you need an oxygen device to safely dive into yourself.

Elke Erb

Poems are the medium that brings people back to themselves in a very short time.

August small payers

Why poetry? Because they are distilled language and achieve with just a few strokes what a novelist needs 200 pages. Because you have access to the roots of language when you write poetry, and you can experience the origin of meaning and how it is then transported through flowers and leaves. Because they live in the mouth and with the pulse.

Marzanna Kielar

Poems? Because of an incurable love for life. And despite the experience of loneliness.

Ursula Krechel

Poems are concentrated language energy, they accelerate thinking and feelings. They are guaranteed to be there when you call them to mind, save energy and overtake them on the information superhighway and convey the feeling of happiness to be able to do business with them in your own pocket.

István Eörsi

When we mention the name of a great poet, we mean someone who is just as formative for our cultural consciousness as Oedipus, Hamlet, Don Quixote, Don Juan or Faust. Poems are important because there are poets. And poets are people who demonstrate a universal critical attitude - towards themselves and the world.

Wolf Wondratschek

Why poetry? To burn a hole in time!

Poetry is almost nothing, but totally!

Because there are things that cannot be said more easily than complicated.

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