What is the best CMS for Spring MVC

Which CMS to use for Spring MVC web applications and device oriented web design?

Ecommerce: If it's a shop you might want to go to BroadLeaf Commerce look for: It's not a CMS, it's an open source shop system, but based on the technology stack you're looking for. http://www.broadleafcommerce.org/

Apart from that: I have been with for years (since 2005) OpenCms worked, and you could integrate it with Spring (which we also did, my answer to this question can be found here: What kind of Java based CMS can manage the content of existing pages and integration of Java applications with OpenCms)

However, if I had created a new site with a CMS on Java, I would probably go with it Magnolia CMS go as the documentation and community are more mature, despite being newer than OpenCms. http://www.magnolia-cms.com/ Integration in the spring: https://wiki.magnolia-cms.com/display/WIKI/Magnolia+Blossom

In terms of architecture, Magnolia uses Jackrabbit as a JCR compliant repository, while OpenCms takes its own approach, with the disadvantage that all content files are stored in a MySQL database rather than the filesystem. That doesn't bring much benefit, only disadvantages.

Regarding your requirements for responsive design: It does not matter which CMS you choose, because what you render as the front end (whether it is html5, json, xml) does not matter for the choice of the CMS. I would say choose the CMS or ecommerce system that has the best features that suit your needs and take a look at the user interface that will appeal to you the most.

In terms of architecture and underlying technology, the three factors above should all perform well.

== Update 05/20/2016 ==

Just to confirm my suggestion above, which I made three years ago: after working with OpenCms for about 10 years, I switched to Magnolia completely two years ago and have no regrets. IMHO it's the best open source WebCMS that can take on the big players. Community and documentation are excellent. I use the free community edition. By the way: I don't work for Magnolia International Ltd or any of their partners. This is just my personal opinion and experience.