Road markings can be yellow

PREMARK lane strips, for streets and traffic routes, yellow, 5 cm, 5 m / roll

Note: Premark products require a closed surface to be burned on. Loosely laid floor slabs or composite paving are not suitable as a substrate, as warping can occur at the joints. On the other hand, old asphalt surfaces or concrete surfaces (treat with primer beforehand) are ideal.

If it is important that a floor marking is particularly insensitive and lasts a long time, then the yellow PREMARK marking strip on a roll is the unbeatable alternative to sprayed or painted color marking. It has a 6 to 8 times higher durability and lifespan. The ideal processing temperature of the material is 10 ° C or more. The manufacturer recommends that you do not lay your floor marking when the weather is too cold or damp, in order to avoid cracks in the material. To prevent residual moisture in the floor, it helps to heat it up beforehand with a gas burner. You are familiar with the principle of PREMARK marking lines from public traffic in the form of slightly raised markings. Due to the self-cleaning property, it can be used outdoors without any problems; laying indoors is not recommended. The sprinkling agents contained in the surface (grip agent and approx. 40% glass beads) increase the initial reflection and consequently the warning effect is also increased.

The scope of delivery includes detailed instructions for laying the PREMARK floor sign, which you can also find on this page below with the documents. Please observe the information given here in order to prevent a reduction in the service life of the product.

In advance, we will roughly explain the steps to lay the eye-catching floor sign:

  • The surface on which the PREMARK marking is to be applied must be free of sand, dust, dirt as well as chemical and oily substances. Ideally, use a suitable cleaning agent and compressed air. If the soil is damp, you can preheat and dry it with the gas burner.
  • The manufacturer recommends the use of a primer (adhesion promoter) to ensure the optimal durability of the floor marking. In our selection guide on the subject of adhesion promoters (to be found further down on the article page or under Service - Advice & Instructions) we will help you to select the correct primer for your substrate!
  • When the primer is completely dry and the floor is clean, position the floor sign in the desired location with the glass bead surface facing upwards and slowly melt it by heating it with a commercially available gas burner (10 - 30 cm distance). The PREMARK product must be liquid (200 ° C) and melt into the substrate.
  • You can see whether the PREMARK floor sign has been sufficiently heated from the heat indicators - these are small, groove-like depressions in the surface of the product, which taper when the product has been sufficiently liquefied! The edge of the floor marking must also be nicely blended.
  • After 5-10 minutes, the floor sign is already dry and can be driven on.

All details can be found in the mentioned document! When attached in this way, the quality product can act as marking strips for roads and traffic routes, as well as for marking lanes and parking lots. Incidentally, PREMARK products can also be shortened individually. If you combine several articles with each other (for example moved one behind the other), please do not leave any gaps for the best possible result.

You will receive 1 roll of yellow PREMARK strips with reflective effect, 5 meters long and 5 cm wide per order unit. PREMARK article number 601147.