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Sexism tweet on Carrie Fisher: Shitstorm for Steve Martin

Shortly after the tragic death of Star Wars icon Carrie Fisher (✝60), many celebrities expressed their deepest condolences. Including Harrison Ford (74), with whom she is said to have had a liaison in 1976. Now fellow actor Steve Martin (71) has spoken with a personal tribute to Carrie. In a tweet from December 27th, however, his choice of words was so wrong that his fans were totally shocked!

"When I was a young man, Carrie Fisher was the most beautiful creature I've ever seen. Then it turned out to be clever and smart too."the comedian writes down Twitter. He triggered an outraged flood of comments that assumed the 71-year-old had a sexist undertone.

"I think she strived for more than just being beautiful" or "Seriously Steve Martin, stop being such an idiot by using her death as an opportunity to say she was once beautiful", it says in the angry posts about his memorable contribution. Apparently the actor took this shit storm very much to heart. A short time later, he deleted his tweet again.

But some fans don't seem to like that too much either. "I'll be pissed off all day because Steve Martin was forced to delete a tweet about his girlfriend Carrie Fisher", gives the other side to consider. "Have I missed something? What's so bad about it? Sounds very loving to me," adds another user. How do you like this controversial post? Vote for this in our survey.

In the following clip you can see what life Carrie Fisher led apart from her "Star Wars" career:

How do you like Steve Martin's tweet? 2210 votes
Totally sexist! And that right after her death doesn't work at all.
What's wrong with that? I actually think the post is very nice.

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