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Psdtuts + and ThemeForest Presents WP Portfolio Themed Design Contest!

We have the next new Psdtuts + Design Contest which will start this month. That's why we work with ThemeForest. Give us your blog design with the best portfolio. The winners will then be converted into WordPress themes, sold at ThemeForest and YOU will receive the prize!

There are numerous cash prizes, video game consoles and 1-year memberships to Psd Plus to be won. This is going to be a great competition! Find out all about the competition and how to take the jump!

Congratulations to the winners!

These are the preliminary results. Finalization of the winners is subject to review and approval of the final PSD source files. Once the files are approved and the designs are coded by Html Rockstars, news of the completed topics will be posted. Thank you to everyone who entered!

  • First place: Ivorpad with the winner.
  • Second place: Efingo with the winning entry.
  • Third place: Lijuen with the winning contribution.

About the competition

This is a joint competition with ThemeForest which is fast becoming the preferred location for buying or selling website themes and designs. Submit your best WordPress design. Wow us with your talent and creativity!

Draft a portfolio design in Photoshop and when it's selected our friends will convert HTMLRockstars into a valid WordPress design. In addition to the prizes to be won, you will also benefit from 40-70% of every sale at ThemeForest!

Remember, you could design the largest portfolio in the world, but if it's not practical and usable, no one is going to buy it. Work on creating a very usable design that also stands out creatively and leads to success. Here are a few examples of some great, top-selling portfolio themes that are professionally designed:

  • Wordpress blue light
  • Sleekslide Portfolio - 4 in 1
  • YourFolio
  • Design & Photography Portfolio

Read on to find out more about evaluation criteria, admission prices, prizes and terms and conditions, as well as our sponsors. The entries are open until September 28th. So get your entries before September 28, 2009 Eastern Standard Time. Get creative with this contest and have fun!

Competitive competition

We will judge this competition based on a few criteria:

  • Practicality and professionalism of the design.
  • Originality and artistic direction.
  • Attention to detail and the perfection of the pixels.
  • Compliance with the conditions of participation in the competition.


To enter the competition, participants must have any number of Portfolio site designs into the Psdtuts Flickr Group. Make sure to use the following instructions:

  • Submit your design via the psdtuts Flickr group labeled "portfoliowp".
  • Submit a JPG image that is the size of your PSD file.
  • Add any stock or source images used, including the URLs to those images, to the description of your Flickr listing.
  • You must be able to provide us with a copy of the PSD file if you win.


  • First place prizes:

    Xbox 360 Elite Package (120GB) + Extra Wireless Controller + An Xbox 360 game of your choice or USD 400 of your choice (Cash only outside of US or UK)

    1 year plus membership (worth $ 180)

    $ 100 for ThemeForest

    Their award-winning design was integrated into a WordPress portfolio by HTMLRockstars and submitted for sale on ThemeForest. All income from the account goes to you

  • Runner-up prizes:

    Sony PSP 3000 Core Pack + A PSP game of your choice or USD 200 of your choice (cash only if not in US or UK)

    1 year plus membership (worth $ 180)

    Spend $ 75 on ThemeForest

    Their award-winning design was integrated into a WordPress portfolio by HTMLRockstars and submitted for sale on ThemeForest. All income from the account goes to you

  • Third place prizes:

    Nintendo DS Lite or USD 130, - You choose (only cash outside of the US or UK)

    1 year plus membership (worth $ 180)

    $ 50 for ThemeForest

    Their award-winning design was integrated into a WordPress portfolio by HTMLRockstars and submitted for sale on ThemeForest. All income from the account goes to you

Terms & amp; conditions

  • Submissions must be submitted to the Psdtuts Flickr Group pool before midnight, September 28, Eastern Standard Time.
  • Participation in the competition must only be your work. If you use stock images in the composition, you must be licensed to use the image and to post a link to the image used in the description of your item in the Psdtuts Flickr group.
  • Plus memberships are awarded from the date the winners are notified. They cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • ThemeForest credits will be given to a username specified by the winners. This prize cannot be redeemed for cash and can only be spent on these websites.
  • The evaluation of the winners is carried out by the editorial staff and the writing staff of Psdtuts + and ThemeForest in cooperation with the Tuts + manager. Our decision is final.
  • The winning designs will be integrated into a WordPress theme and submitted for sale at ThemeForest under the winner's nominated marketplace account. If accepted, the file must be available for sale on the ThemeForest website for at least 6 months from the date it was uploaded.
  • ThemeForest will review all winning entries and the winning files will only be accepted for sale if they meet the quality requirements of the website.
  • Psdtuts + employees or regular authors cannot participate. Eligible are occasional contributors (i.e., people who have posted fewer than 2 tutorials on the site).
  • Employees of the marketplace cannot take part in this competition.


Thanks to HTMLRockstars for providing the PSD for Wordpress services for the winning designs!

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