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Instructions for staining wood - this is how it works

Would you like to paint wooden furniture, but the wood structures should remain visible? Then you should stain the wood. We explain how to do it correctly - including video instructions.

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What are the effects?
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Wood staining in five steps

Staining wood is used to color wood, whereby the natural structures and characteristics of the wood are retained. Even if theyBuild furniture yourself or give them oneantique look you should treat them with wood stain. However: staining does not protect the wood from mold and moisture, which is why a final sealing is recommended. We explain the most important steps and provide information on wood staining.

What are the effects?

When you stain wood, the stain penetrates deep into the early and late wood - this creates wood images with the following effects:

1. It will be the Fibers only coloredwithout covering the structure.
2. The natural color is underlined or highlighted.
3. The Grain is emphasized.
4. The contrast in softwoods is emphasized and the positive structure maintained.
5.Wood differences are covered.

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