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Translation of "im sonnengetränkten" in English

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Ideal for relaxing in the sun-soaked, golden sand.

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Lunch on the sun-soaked Terrace of the restaurant "Ancora"
Lunch on the sunny terrace of the restaurant Ancora
Arabian jasmine and the freshness of Carla lavender combine with the delicacy of peony to create a fragrance that shines like a bouquet sun drenched Flowers.
The overdose of Sambac jasmine and the freshness of Carla lavender, fused with the delicacy of peony, create a radiant fragrance, like a bouquet of sun-kissed flowers.
Discover the sun-soaked Sections of golden, sandy beaches along the estuary that are ideal for surfing, body boarding or just walking.
Discover sun-drenched Stretches of golden, sandy beaches across the estuary, ideal for surfing, body-boarding or simply a peaceful stroll.
France is as famous for its cuisine and delicious wines as it is for picturesque landscapes from rugged Brittany in the northwest to the sun-soaked Hills of Provence in the South.
France is as famous for its kitchen and delightful wines as for picturesque landscapes of rough Brittany in the northwest up to the sund drenched hills of the Provence in the south.
George: That was during the summer in Australia, the property was on the beach and it was pretty difficult not to get into that sun-soaked Mood to come.
George: It was during the Australian summer, it was on the coast and so it was sort of pretty hard not to have that sun-soaked vibe.
The 10-color set includes a four-step sepia group that has been specially calibrated to create smooth transitions, a pair of bold wine colors, a trio of warm, sun drenched Earth tones and the unique Southwest Blue that compliments the palette.
The 10 color set includes a four-step sepia group calibrated to create smooth transitions, a pair of rich wine hues, a trio of warm sun-soaked earth tones, and the unique Southwest Blue to complement the palette.
An expressive, sun drenched Syrah Grape Variety: Syrah Wine Region: Sicily Country of Origin: Italy Ingredients: Syrah 100%.
Grape variety: Syrah Wine region: Sicily Country of origin: Italy Ingredients: 100% Syrah.
Tweet The Panathenaic Stadium Enjoy the sun-soaked Stages of the marble stage in the Heart of Athens and let your mind wander through 2500 years of sports history.
Tweet Panathenaic Stadium Enjoy the sun on the 'beautiful marble' tiers of the Marble stadium in the heart of Athens and contemplate 2500 years of sport history!
Collect the sun-soaked Fruit.
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