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Requirements for a dual study program

There are dual courses of study at universities, technical colleges and vocational academies. The various institutions sometimes have different admission requirements or admission requirements. In this article, we give you an insight into what you need to bring with you in order to be able to study dual studies at all.

When it comes to admission to the dual study program, there are hardly any differences to the "normal" study program, and that is also logical - after all, you acquire the same internationally recognized bachelor's degree here as in any other academic study program.

On this page, we explain to you which criteria you have to meet exactly in order to be able to receive a dual study place. You should also be aware that just fulfilling the formal criteria for a dual study program is not enough - some personal qualities are also required.

Corona pandemic and a dual course of study - can that work?

We will inform you about all the important consequences that Covid-19 has for dual studies in relation to universities, training and working in the company in our detailed article on the subject Dual study & Corona.

Dual studies - these are the requirements

Formal requirements for the dual study program

The first hurdle that you have to take on the way to the dual study program are the formal requirements.

For those who are in a hurry, here is the quick overview.

Requirements for a dual study program:

  • Proof of university entrance qualification
  • Present training or internship contract
  • Passing selection tests
  • Good grades in the main subjects
  • rarely Numerus Clausus

Proof of university entrance qualification

The absolutely unavoidable prerequisite for being admitted to a dual course of study is proof of the ability to study via the so-called university entrance qualification. You automatically have this with your high school diploma.

Dual study with a high school diploma

If you have the Abitur, i.e. the general university entrance qualification, in your pocket or are about to do so, you can apply to any university that offers a dual course of study. Many companies require a general university entrance qualification in their job advertisements.

Dual study with a high school diploma

Those who have the Fachabitur, i.e. the technical college entrance qualification, can also study dual studies throughout Germany, but “only” at technical colleges and vocational academies and not at universities (although many universities now make exceptions). It should be noted that both the school-based and the practical part of the specialist baccalaureate must have been completed. Incidentally, the Fachabitur is also recognized by many companies as a sufficient qualification, although some actually require the full Abitur. Attention: If you want to study at the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University with a technical college entrance qualification, you still have to pass a study aptitude test.

Dual study without a high school diploma

Good news for those who don't have a high school diploma: The dream of a dual study program has not finally burst. The classic university entrance qualification is used by companies as a formal criterion. Some universities, on the other hand, offer ways of starting a dual course of study without a higher school qualification. These are primarily private institutions. More here:

Dual studies without a high school diploma

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