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The best PS4 games of all time - These 25 games you have to play

The big GamePro ranking of the 25 best PS4 games of all time.

Are you looking for good PlayStation 4 games? GamePro is there! In our list we present you the 25 best PS4 games that you can - and should - play right now. We include all titles that have appeared since the Sony console was launched in 2013.

Both those who are looking for the latest games and those who have missed a few real gems from the last few years will find what they are looking for. Here again the exact rules of the game:

The rules of the game for our list
- Sales figures are not to be equated with quality.
- The selection and order of the games is independent of tests on GamePro.de.
- Our leaderboards are not objective - We choose the games that we liked best in the editorial team or that we consider important for the respective console for the reasons described.
- We only include exclusive items in the list.
- If they came out as a remaster for other consoles years later, we'll let that apply.
- However, time-exclusive deals from the start do not count. There are also exceptions for games that have also appeared on platforms from former manufacturers such as Sega.
- Only one game per series - we only make exceptions if a second title was too important to the development of the series or games in general to be ignored.

Note: We revised and republished this list on July 15, 2020. New addition: Ghost of Tsushima.

25th place: Gravity Rush 2

1:36 Gravity Rush 2 - E3 trailer for the PS4 sequel

  • Release: 2017
  • Developer: YOU Japan Studio
  • Genre: Action adventure
  • USK: from 12

This is what it's about: The world of Gravity Rush 2 can turn upside down at times. Or on the side. This is mainly due to Kat, the heroine of the series, who can use her powers to influence gravity.

As Kat tries to tear a city from the clutches of a dictatorial councilor and later a mad scientist, she uses gravity to catapult herself into the air, fight enemies, and solve puzzles.

The special: She alternates between different fighting styles, each of which has a different influence on her movements. In addition to an exciting story, it is above all details in the gameplay and design, such as the comic-like, hand-drawn cutscenes, that make the game so exciting.

Playing with gravity also helps make Gravity Rush 2 one of the more unusual action-adventure games on the market.

Test of Gravity Rush 2 on GamePro.de

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