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Parent-child relationship and stress
The first time with a baby is a big change. The new relationships between parents, children and siblings should be made pleasant for everyone. Time and rest together are very beneficial for this. A harmonious environment and loving care is important and pleasant for every baby as well as for all family members. Getting help in good time is often difficult, but also more effective than claiming to be the "perfect" parent.
Individual character
Every child has its own rhythm: to find out how much variety and activity the baby likes, watch his reactions.

Skin and body contact convey noticeable closeness (stroking, massaging, ... e.g. after bathing), eye contact, speaking, humming, singing, observing enable communication.

Babies' needs and expressions should be taken seriously from day one: do not scream or leave them alone, stay within "earshot", respond to needs, recognize signals and respond appropriately.
Babies at this age cannot be pampered. Babies signal with changed behavior when they no longer feel good.

Avoiding means, for example, ensuring a regular daily routine. If the parents themselves feel stress, their babies usually notice it too and can suffer as a result. Flights, long journeys and stays at high altitudes (> 1500m) can be stressful, as can too many activities in one day.

Sleeping place for the baby
If the baby sleeps in the same bed with the parents, it is important to have its own space, its own blanket (no pillow). The baby is not allowed to sleep in the same bed if the mother or father smoke, drink alcohol, consume sleeping pills or drugs. If the child sleeps on the side in the parents' bed, make sure that it cannot fall out (e.g. use a grid or a cot).

From the point of view of breastfeeding advice, it is desirable not to use the pacifier until the baby has developed effective sucking behavior.

Breast milk is the optimal nutrition, if possible breastfeed for 6 months and then supplement breastfeeding with complementary food (in the case of fully breastfed infants, tea in between is not necessary).
If the baby is being fed with the bottle, hold it in your arms as when breastfeeding (alternately left and right, with eye contact).
Go to the scheduled mother-child passport examinations on a regular basis. Do not hesitate to contact your doctor if you have any questions.


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