What is webflow

As a young web design studio and tech start-up, we are always looking for the best tools on the market.

If you believe Webflow's advertising - which to be honest is awesome - one thing is promised above all: Webflow breaks the barrier between design and coding. In the days before Webflow, web designers relied on skilled web developers who could turn their ingenious designs into reality (or HTML, CSS and JS).

Fortunately, Webflow does this job for us. The visually designed is automatically translated into semantic web code - and with a precision that few people can. In the following 5 points, we tell you how Webflow has revolutionized our work processes and why you can create your website without coding.

// The Webflow Designer knows no limits

As a web designer, budding entrepreneur or someone who may be looking for a new professional field, one is often faced with the problem of how to put your own great ideas into practice. Of course, this also applies to designs, web designs and UX designs.

The Webflow Designer - i.e. the environment in which the Webflow website is designed and developed in parallel - now enables you to either build on one of the many templates or, if you want your individual style, your website from scratch with the power of Design CSS, Flexbox, Grid 2.0 and groundbreaking CSS animations.

// Webflow works without plug-ins

If you have ever built a website in Wordpress, or have had it built, you know how tedious it is to install and configure the right plug-ins. Since Webflow gives you visual access to the most modern web standards and has an integrated CMS that is second to none, you no longer have to worry about plug-ins and possible security gaps through them.

// Webflow speeds up your design and web processes

Since Webflow offers design options down to the smallest pixel units, designs from Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Figma, Sketch and Co. can be implemented pixel-perfect. This way, no time is lost with queries and the collaboration between designers and developers is simplified.

// Webflow is insanely fast

Every website we create in Webflow is optimized for loading time. That and Webflow's worldwide server network, supported by AWS, make your website incredibly fast and make you look all the more professional.

// Webflow makes customer - client collaboration child's play

In addition to the Webflow Designer, there is also the so-called editor. This can be made available to employees of the website client and allows design changes to the live website. Copywriters can write blogs, change headings and exchange images without the help of the responsible agency.

Webflow makes life easier and customers happier for any web designer. We recommend trying it out at least once!

If you need support with Webflow topics, want us to create your website in Webflow or want to move your old site to Webflow, send us a quick message. We are your start-up design studio - Virtual Entity from Frankfurt.