Why did the Fantastic Four films fail

The ending and all of the problems of Fantastic Four

Even before the reboot of Marvel's First Family came into the cinemas, it was clear to Fox that there would also be a sequel.

Even after Fantastic Four starring Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara and Jamie Bell as Total failure with the critics and at the box office Fox did not change the release plans for the coming years.

Until now. It may have taken a while, but 20th Century Fox seems to have understood that the company Fantastic Four failed again.

Actually should Fantastic Four 2 will be in cinemas on June 9, 2017, as Box Office Mojo reports, is the But the film has now disappeared from Fox's release calendar.

The end of Fantastic Four but that is probably not the case with Fox. Even if the studio shouldn't be in a hurry to restart the brand for the time being, there should be another deadline for which there will be a new one Fantastic Four-Film must give. At least if Fox wants to keep the rights to the brand and not give it back to Marvel.

How exactly the next one Fantastic Four could look like is still completely unclear. Producer Simon Kinberg had already made it clear in the past that he would like to have the four main actors on board again.

Should the decision-makers at Fox actually try again with the Fantastic Four dare, it would be advisable if they (among other things) take a close look at the new Honest Trailer Fantastic Four throw that the movie's biggest problems succeeded in a nutshell.