What is DFM in technology

DFM 165-350

Measurement & control technology

Product details

Material sealing element (wetted parts):
sleeve | Support | flange
  • Measuring range 3 to 50,000 l / h
  • large selection of measuring ranges and nominal widths also for special media
  • Wide range of applications for gaseous media, water, alkalis, acids
  • direct visualization of the measured values
  • Accuracy class 4
  • integrated mounting rail for measured value sensors


ZE 950 / ZE 951
  • The limit value contact ZE 950 / ZE 951 serves as a signal transmitter for the flow. It is clamped to the dovetail guides and signals when the magnetic float in the measuring tube reaches or passes over the position of the signal transmitter. As soon as this happens, a contact in the signal transmitter opens or closes as the actual switching element (reed switch).
  • Accessories for flow meters type DFM with magnetic float
  • easy assembly and positioning on the dovetail of the DFM measuring tube
  • The plug of the compact reed switch can be positioned in steps of 0 ° - 90 ° - 180 °
  • easy to retrofit in existing systems
More information
  • Magnetic angle sensor for continuous recording of measured values
  • Microprocessor controlled for exact measurement and evaluation of the flow
  • 2-wire technology
  • 4 ... 20 mA analog output
  • individual programming adapted to DFM
  • 11-point calibration
  • non-volatile storage of the values
  • 0 button to compensate for magnetic environmental influences
  • Factory-adjustable inertia (low-pass filter) 0.1 ... 2.5 seconds according to customer specifications
  • Detection accuracy of the magnetic float better than 0.5%
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