What is the accuracy of FOX messages

Because Arizona was awarded Biden : Trump team publicly attacks Fox News data analyst

Arnon Mishkin heads the decision desk at Trump-affiliated TV broadcaster Fox News during the US election. All election results go through his desk - and he decides when a state is considered safe for one of the two presidential candidates. Mishkin also decided that the important US state of Arizona would be awarded to Joe Biden early on Wednesday - although several 100,000 votes still had to be counted.

Fox News was one of the first major US media outlets to classify Arizona as safe. The renowned Associated Press (AP) news agency, which cites the same data, didn't follow suit until later on Wednesday. Other media outlets - like CNN, New York Times, and Washington Post - haven't made a decision as of Friday afternoon to award Arizona to any of the candidates. Biden leads by almost 50,000 votes.

The Trump campaign team knows about the importance of Arizona and its eleven voters for the outcome of the election - and complained on Wednesday directly after Fox News declared Biden the winner there. But it didn't stop there: The Trump team openly attacked data analyst Mishkin personally.

The fact that Fox News is close to the US president is likely to play a role in the intensity of the uproar in the Trump camp. AP did not attack the team publicly - and yet the news agency declared itself publicly. "The Associated Press continues to monitor and analyze the Arizona vote counts as they arrive," said editor-in-chief Sally Buzbee on Thursday. "We will follow the facts in all cases."

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At Fox News, however, the Trump team raised the alarm. First, Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner contacted Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch to reverse the decision. According to the Washington Post, the US president himself did not contact him. "Even then, I would not have intervened or changed our decision," Murdoch wrote in an email to the Washington Post.

Mishkin said more than 80 percent of the votes had already been received by the time his team decided. "We felt we made the right decision at the right time - that's why we made it."

After he confirmed his decision, it no longer turned to Mishkin indirectly, but directly. In a statement, the team called him a "Clinton-voting, Biden-funding Democrat" who "insists on his terrible decision and refuses to reverse his baseless decision."

Early on Thursday morning, the Trump campaign team posted a list on Twitter to show that Mishkin financially supported Barack Obama's and Joe Biden's 2008 election campaign. In addition, he is said to have voted for Hillary Clinton four years ago - which he even made public. That led her again to declare, "Arnon Mishkin and the AP should immediately reverse their decision to join Joe Biden in Arizona."

According to the list the team posted, Mishkin paid $ 1,500 to Obama and Biden's election campaign. 2008 was the year he began leading the Fox News Decision Desk, which he has worked for since 1998. However, the complete truth also includes: Mishkin paid even more campaign aid to Republican politicians - official data shows that.

But why does a data journalist support political parties? Mishkin, 65, is not a full-time Fox News employee. Prior to taking over the decision desk, he was also a policy advisor to both Democratic and Republican politicians. The "Los Angeles Times" reports.

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Other than that, Mishkin's decision to make Arizona a Biden State wasn't Mishkin's sole decision - the decision was based on mathematical calculations made by the data team. He also did not believe on Thursday that Trump could still catch up - although the gap was getting smaller and smaller.

There are still open voices in Maricopa County, but: “We are firmly convinced that our decision will stand. And that's why we're not changing them. "

As soon as AP reports it, the winner is actually certain

There is no federal election control in the US, instead polls conduct post-election surveys. Usually, the presidential election is also decided on the basis of forecasts from large media companies.

Another point that historically proves Fox News right: The AP news agency is valued for its independence and accuracy. As soon as AP announces the winner, the choice is actually decided.

It is unclear whether the incidents in front of a government building in Arizona are related to the public verbal attacks by the Trump team. A large group of supporters of the president had gathered in front of the building in the Maricopa Conty district, several of them had weapons such as automatic rifles, a correspondent for the news channel CNN reported on a live broadcast.

Trump reiterated on Friday night that, from his point of view, with the “legally” cast votes, he had won the election with ease. The president had previously claimed in an appearance at the White House that the Democrats were trying to steal his victory by fraud. Twitter immediately gave the tweet a warning that the post could contain misleading information. (with dpa)

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