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50 years of voluntary social year

LIMBURG - The Voluntary Social Year (FSJ) has existed in the Diocese of Limburg for 50 years and around 3,300 young people have done voluntary service during this time. This anniversary will be celebrated on Monday, June 23rd, jointly by the diocese and the Caritas Association with a festive pontifical mass and a ceremony. The pontifical office with Auxiliary Bishop Dr. Thomas Löhr in the High Cathedral in Limburg starts at 4 p.m. The ceremony with numerous guests and many former volunteers starts at 6 p.m. in the Limburg town hall. In addition to greetings, various roundtables, performances by the improvisational theater subito, there will be opportunities for encounters and exchanges as well as other action stands.

"What started 50 years ago with a group and a speaker has become a real success story," sums up Michael Ziegler, the head of the Voluntary Services Department in the Diocese of Limburg. Today there are around ten groups and around 350 volunteers in the FSJ and the Federal Voluntary Service (BFD) every year. They are accompanied by more than 30 full-time employees as well as other freelance workers in their deployment locations.

The voluntary services give young people the opportunity to try things out, get to know social fields of work and develop professional prospects. The young people are deployed in day-care centers, youth facilities, hospitals, old people's and nursing homes, facilities for the disabled, social stations, youth churches, the Catholic specialist centers for youth work, in parishes and schools. Their service lasts at least six months and is limited to a maximum of twelve months.

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