Which motor does the EMD SD38

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EMD SD38-2

- For Kato, Stewart, Atlas and other locomotives - - Soundbug ready = with interface for easy plugging of the new Digitrax sound board -

For Kato, Stewart, Atlas and other locomotives, format DCC, for DC motors, 1.5 Amp (2.0 A peak), 73mm x 16.9mm x 4.4 mm, 6 FX functions, load control, low-noise motor control, easy assembly, transponding, with English instructions.

Packaging weight: 0.011 kg

Sound / motor / function decoder * Board replacement decoder for Kato SD38-2 HO Locomotives * Preloaded with SD38-2 Sound Scheme * Replaces SDH104K1B & SDH104K1B C decoders (no FN04K1 needed) * Full Digitrax Series 3 mobile decoder feature set o Speed ‚Äč‚Äčtables o Simplified Scaleable Back EMF o Advanced Consisting o Transponding o Supersonic Motor Drive o Decoder LockFactory Reset Feature * Includes 28mm 32 ohm speaker * Includes 330uF capacitor * Fully customizable sounds * Use PR3 and SoundLoader Software to download your own sound scheme to the decoder * No external sensor required for sound workload changes

Packaging weight: 0.016 kg

  • DCC prepared (interface available)

1 original Kato engine Complete length: 60 mm Each shaft: 11.6 mm H0 / 1:87

Product weight including packaging: 0.275 kg