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How do you return to the USSR? I want to go back to the USSR. Nostalgia in the USSR

Nostalgia Post: Many of us often remember the Soviet times. And, despite the fact that times were not always easy, we usually remember with warm feelings and nostalgia for the Soviet childhood. According to the beloved and the familiar to everyone and all things that no longer return. Or ... is it possible?

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They say that the return of the USSR in the same time does not return.

For one thing, it really is - a lot of water is flowing, the situation has changed, Soviet industry is destroyed, and it is not relevant, and it is not relevant - the technology went way ahead, the principles of work in many industries became different .

There is nothing more than the former proletariat, which was regarded as a system-building class in the Soviet system. Who will return to the life of the USSR? So-called office game tone? Manager? Worker? Or maybe officials? None of them are in great need of the USSR.

In the last 26 years a whole generation has grown who does not know what the USSR is, and if he does, it is solely due to films and parenting stories.

Already grow the generation of those whose parents were born even after the collapse of the USSR or just before that in the late 80s, which makes them practically incapable of remembering the Soviet Union.

It's all like that.

However, let's look at the question from the other side:

Was it a lot in the 91st year of witnessing pre-revolutionary Russia?
How many of those whose parents are at least reminiscent of pre-revolutionary Russia?

By the 91st year, few old women under 90 remembered anything about Pre-Revolutionary Russia if at their age, at their age, at their age, remembered in their relace memory. However, due to their respectable age and poor health, they did not participate in political processes.

Neither Yeltsin, nor Gaidar, nor Chubais, nor other Sobchaks and Sobchakkukov, Novodvoryan and Novokrestendian Pre-Revolutionary Russia do not remember and could not remember because they were born in 1917 at the latest. Most of the parents too were born after the 17th.

The lack of personal memories of revolutionary Russia, however, did not prevent Gelensin, nor Gaidar nor the other Sobchakov and Novodvorski, in the hands of a tricolor with a double eagle and swinging them over their heads to speak for sure Russia that they had lost what turned from their historical path, I made a mistake, I did not go to them and not there.

And all right, they would just say that Russia didn't go anywhere there, on the fact of the current state of politics and economy, but they began to say precisely about pre-revolutionary Russia, which had no knowledge and ideas of its own. They began not to swear in a new flag, namely the tricolor, which had never been seen in an administrative building. Yes, and couldn't see. Likewise, as well as a double eagle - they have never seen them in any administrative building either. However firmly decided to use it as a coat of arms.

And those who went to the rally in support of Yeltsin in August 1991, who later voted for him in the election of the 96th - could not remember either pre-revolutionary Russia. Lots of parents were born after the 17th so they knew about pre-revolutionary Russia, except that they were barely for babes, and that wasn't all.

However, it did not prevent them from waving Tricolors and rejoicing in a double eagle as a new old symbol to argue about Russia "which they have lost" and confidently declare that the 17th country is out of the way turned out.

How did they know from which route Russia?

Which of them was present at the historic election and saw with their own eyes what was happening, to speak for sure about what between what and what did Russia decide?

All events remained in the living witnesses of the 17th year in the 91st sitting at home and not going anywhere, and when they went out there are no other businesses at the entrance. Many already on the stairs could not go down to go anywhere.

Among the participants of the events of the 91st year, supporters of Laegten and other "returns to lost Russia" from this very "lost Russia" were zero of the entire horseradish.

After the seventeenth year, not one generation, not even two, changed - three generations changed, and the fourth was already there.

And the pre-revolutionary peasantry was not so long ago that it was possible to return the pre-revolutionary agriculture through the forces of those who once cultivated it.

There were none already those who were smoked during the collectivization period.

There were no owners of pre-revolutionary private businesses, there were no owners of pre-revolutionary factories, newspapers, and steamers. And the newspapers and steamers that had been in circulation until 1917 hardly stayed, only in the form of museum exhibitions. Factories based in pre-revolutionary Russia, and then a few units stayed there because many were destroyed during the Great Patriotic War, or evacuated and essentially given a whole new life.

There was no pre-revolutionary peasantry, in 1991 no pre-revolutionary nobility. Neither the former aristocracy nor the former bourgeoisie, even in the form of residual phenomena.

There was no pre-revolutionary society as a whole that preserved the structure and culture of the former Russia or a pre-revolutionary economy or a pre-revolutionary life.

But the Lord, who came to power like Yeltsin and Sobchak, along with hundreds of employees and millions of followers, quickly began to remember “how it was” and to get involved in the reconstruction of pre-revolutionary Russia.

Not only was the USSR eliminated to build an entirely new state with new symbolism, economy, and society, and it was the restoration of what they couldn't and couldn't remember.

The symbolism restored, began to restore the palaces, rename cities and streets, heads of the areas named as governors named governors (which in itself is rather weird because the areas are still named areas and not by provinces) and not.

They remembered the stolypin, received the Russian geographical society, and much more.

The Nikolai Second started cannoning they never saw the results of his reign were inappropriate, but they were firmly convinced that he was Holy. Saint because they shot? Because it wasn't shot alone. What now all the crushed saints?

We began to increase the role of the church in the state, they are brunette public, to put candles, the churches to transfer state property - it is also elements of restoration.

Post-Soviet power and its numerous supporters began to actively restore what none of them remembered and what none of them witnessed.

From the 17th to the 91st, there was even more change, even more water flows, it has changed three times more generations, the earlier economy was even more relevant, almost all technologies were replaced, there was practically nothing left because there weren't any former company.

However, they still assumed the restoration of Russia to the sample from February 1917, which none of the lifetimes found does not remember, did not remember and did not hear from their parents.

They literally took on the pictures of museums, on literary works, according to historical documents, as well as on their own fantasies of what it was like and how it could be if it weren't, if it weren't for Soviet power.

In fact, they took an alternate story - the restoration of what could be, if so, Kababi.

Therefore, in the light of the foregoing, is it possible to argue that the restoration of the USSR is impossible?

If 74 years later it was possible to restore and reconstruct something, why couldn't it be 26 or even 36 years old?

If after the change of three to four generations it was possible to go into memories of the lost ancestors of the state, why should it not be set in similar memories after the change of two generations?

If in the 91st, if none of the actors and their supporters saw pre-revolutionary Russia, it was possible to "give back" something, then why it is impossible to do the same in our time when half of the country is still on remembers how the USSR is arranged, and that he represented himself, and many of those who remember them are in adulthood, permanent memory and can still hold in their hands not only flags with posters, but also combat weapons, and some of this weapon don't hold bad boy.

If in the 90s, when there was no one of the pre-revolutionary nobles, bourgeois or aristocrats, it was possible to enjoy the formation of a new nobility and a new bourgeoisie, why it is impossible to form a new proletariat, especially since tens of millions of those will still be alive who were the Soviet proletariat, Soviet engineers, an occupation of the intelligentsia.

If after a few hundred years you can return to a return to agribusiness after a hundred years after all developed countries switch to the postal industry, why can it be repeated after half a century?

If you see exactly what they are doing or trying to make the current restorers of "lost Russia", the restoration of the USSR does not seem utopian at all, on the contrary - it seems quite real and even natural.

If you've been 100 years in the past and took a re-reconstruction of Russia from the February 1917 sample, the next step in logic should be a re-reconstruction October 1917 then the epoch of NEP, collectivization, industrialization and developed socialism have been returned.

Right here should ask yourself: is it necessary?

Unless you remember the lost states and try to restore them, you can buy and go into the historical and rebuilding trap. So we'll restore one thing, then another. Some came to power - they began to restore "lost Russia" and others came to power - started to restore the "lost alliance".

But the main thing is to look at what is happening at the current numbers from their attempts to return the "Lost Russia" - laughter and sin.

Governors without provinces. Graduate workers are called mayors. Administrative center of the Leningrad region - St. Petersburg. The tricolor with a double Kanern rises under the sounds of the Soviet anthem, in the text of which several lines changed. The May 9th parade is held with a closed mausoleum. The Soviet government criticizes - the Soviet victory is celebrated. And that list of strange inconsistencies can go on and on.

Therefore, it is necessary to think three times, or whether you want to rebuild Soviet Union?

Will there be the same funny parody of what made the reconstructions of pre-revolutionary Russia?

You can return the flag and coat of arms of the USSR - this is undoubtedly, it is proven by those who later returned a double eagle and raised the tricolor.

To also return the position of the secretary general instead of the president, it is possible - evidenced by those who returned the heads of the regions of governors.

Symbols and names bring easier easier.

But will the essence come back?

Attempts to recreate Russia, "that would be, if not, if not, the Soviet power" showed that it is impossible to enter the same river twice - the water. Society has changed, lifestyle has changed, the path has changed, the situation has changed - everything has changed. And modern Russia is nothing like pre-revolutionary, with the exception of the coat of arms and some historical names.

It will also be about the same if you try to recreate the Soviet Union - it will only remind the former by name and symbolism, and the people who inhabit it will be different. Despite the fact that many of the living livers were born in the USSR and remember what he was like.

I am no longer like that at the time of the Union's elimination, for example. And I'll never ever have I remember the USSR in the smallest details, I have a lot of Soviet things, books and magazines, I even got a job under Soviet power for the first time and I perfectly remember the situation in the Soviet era. But as it was before, after the liquidation of the USSR, I still cannot become too many events to survive too much, it is no longer out of memory and thoughts that no longer throw out.

And those who were older, those in the 91st, 30th or 40th years old - they either will not become the previous Soviet citizens, even if you now send the USSR back with all its attributes and names. They won't go to the facility, and they went to see him in the 91st year. Yes, and the plant is most likely not, but as long as it is restored (if it will have any economic significance at all) - those who were in the 91st 30 years old were 30 years old, the time will come to retirement.

And it's not just the destroyed plants, although inside them too.

We have seen so much over the past 26 years that they have become very different. No more than those naive Soviet citizens who lived in the USSR. There are Russians bought Russians, evil and deceived, incredulous, disappointed in many ways, confused in places - different, but absolutely not like they were in the 91st - even those who remember well this year.

We have become different and we will never be the same.

Therefore, to return the Soviet symbolism, attributes, the names of institutions and departments, it is possible, but it is just a wrapper, and the content is completely different. Because we've become completely different.

Even those who remember the USSR became others and who does not remember - especially since.

So is it necessary to return the old wrapper to wrap a whole new content?

Will it be possible as a result of another deception, if the external completely does not correspond to the internal and the conflict with it? Will there be an old look and a new inside to destroy each other?

Whether we believe Lenin's party 26 years ago, knowing full well that they had already led the country for a day, and 20 million of its members did nothing to get the Union and the party above, on the contrary, contributed in every way to the Liquidation of the USSR?

Do I have to set another experiment on rebuilding the state that has collapsed for internal reasons?

Maybe not coming back yet, maybe you need to build something new?

Of course, a new business may well turn out to be forgotten, but at the time of its construction it will be perceived and built as new, rather than the reconstruction of the past.

In fact, a new one may be similar to the well-forgotten old one, but already in fact and not on the approach.

Probably not everyone is what I wrote, but you are still thinking about it.

Because the USSR returns in the form of attributes - yes, you can.
But to do it right away - already impossible.

For the simple reason that the rest of us became very different.

Nostalgia Post: Many of us often remember the Soviet times. And, despite the fact that times were not always easy, we usually remember with warm feelings and nostalgia for the Soviet childhood. According to the beloved and the familiar to everyone and all things that no longer return. Or ... is it possible?
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I've never been a supporter of a shovel: even as a schoolboy, I always slowly notify myself - heard the Russian BBC service on short waves (by the way, in the 91st year, during the GCCP, on Bibissikha, I learned all the latest information - alive Lee Gorbachev that with him, etc.), on his first denim jacket homemade (drawn by indelible felt-faucers) stripes sewn in the form of an American flag, gray samizdatovskaya photocopy printed on the master to read and read Margarita novel, etc. About it In addition, it all completely prevents me from not being the chairman of the council (Pioneer class leader) and later - the secretary of the Komsomol organization class (Komsomolsky class leader): no one ever asked me someone for the ideology, although I never really mean it Views have hidden.

And me, and my classmates quite openly went to a school with homemade symbols that blocked our favorite "hard" logos - AC / DC, Rainbow, Judas Priest, Scorpions, etc. Nobody went with us, there was no choice in nearby. Only when the teacher reports on the history and social sciences (she is the secretary of the school party organization) because of rainbows: the team's logo, if someone doesn't know, is made of the Gothic script, and they “tortured me for a long time, I did Fascism I do not get interested in Hitler and other agony.

Yes, the consumer goods were all star. If you didn't want to go to the rubber calos of the “Red Triangle” factory, it was practically unrealistic to get something useful without connections (with the exception of “snap” when “throwing” in some kind of mazage some Czech cesbo, defending rabies Night turn with the number of its part written on the palm). But if you have the necessary dating, then buy yourself banal “Tomis”, automatically became the “King of the area”.))))))))) And I'm nothing about “adiki”! "Whoever wears adidas crosses, that every woman will give!" - Approval of the Folkfolkhore this time, and I wouldn't say it was a gross exaggeration.))))

I always heard the music I wanted. Including rocks. Including western rocks. Including heavy rocks. Yes, officially "Melody" did not produce such records, but on the "Patch" (the spontaneous place of the Melomanov meeting on the weekend) something could be achieved (although usually late in a year, so the year a year - It was very rare). I myself have not bought the bourgeois "plastics" (it was irrelevant: I had the simplest house messed up), but thanks to my friends, I always had "first dups" (which then knew, on the background of 5-6 overrides especially appreciated).

Yes, it was possible to buy good western sound equipment, it was possible to break out: through the shop “Birke”, which was not traded for rubles, and for the controls of Vespochloride. These reviews were (illegally, of course!) At the same rate that that and the Bucks - 1: 3 roughly (and "marks" - the mark of Germany - I remember was cheaper: somewhere 1: 1.5 above; and the most expensive was pound sterling: it cost almost two dollars - 1.8 somewhere). It is clear that for foreign currency transactions, "butterfly" (Article 88 of the USSR Code of the USSR), and some of my acquaintances were met.

Maybe someone will say, "I don't want to buy an ordinary pair of jeans or a music player at this price! I just want to go and buy everything freely in the store, like now!" "I agree," I will answer. "But you can only buy it now if you have the money." And you have money with normal operations. And normal work must still be able to get. "" To get a normal job you have to strive to be able to turn it further into my opponent. - You have to receive normal training, you have to engage yourself in self-training, you have to be able to be responsible, disciplined to be able to clearly perform the tasks, to be able to work as a team etc. And then you can reach! "-" That's it! - I agree again. - That's your fee today, your jeans and sneakers. And then there was another. Just another. But also was. "

Therefore says that now - paradise, and then he was hell, I can not. To say that now - hell, and then it was paradise, neither can I. And then, and now, this is a balance on the border between paradise and hell, and the components in this and in another case are completely different. Well (about work by the way!) To create a normal position you need to nibble or have the land or all have the same "links". And in the shovel all the fences were engraved with indications "required!" They found a sovereign man, SKK, apartment (no one bred!), Found a normal job (did not allow to die with starvation and acquire the necessary things) - and it was automatically "white", with paid leave and hospital, freer Trade Union poses to the south - for all workers and not just for the bosses (my mother and I once rolled out of one such in Sochi) and other buns, which I now remember with cute nostalgia.

And the conversations that all bread places were busy with different major - it's not quite like that. Yes, diplomats, most likely, became the sons of these most diplomats - the majority bloomed in lush colors. However, the social elevators are thin, it worked - that's a fact. All heads of the towns / commander, heads of factories and shops are from the farming families themselves, who receive their contributions. If you could at least do something, at least knew something sensible, knew, as you immediately noticed, and "moved" and on professionally and on the party line. Back in junior grades, if you actually, I got noticed by the Skip - the School of Komsomol and Pioneer Assets. And hurried! You have started to take seriously no matter who your parents are, how much money you have, etc. whichever mode is, it always needs intelligent people who know how to function. And the demand for smart initiatives was in the scoop.

In order to continue talking about school life (which I actually did in those years), the KRENVA cloud of circles and sections then worked for children and young people: You want to draw - radio-controlled model of airplanes and ships that you want - to do sports, musitis, swimmers in pools, go to turcomers. Everything was free. I remember going to the radio technology group: I wanted to solder myself a color woman. I did not agree of course, but some simple systems did on the transistors, yes. My friends in the yard went to tennis, volleyball, boxing. Karate was not officially taught, but unofficially - yes. And my friend Oleg had samizdat instructions for this desired martial art, so that I knew the differences from the YOKOGOMOKOM of URA-Mavashi back in school))))) Nunchaki we did ourselves -. From the feathers for the mop sold in every hozmag.))))))

In one of the houses on our farm was the so-called school child - someone from young people who now suspect, at least know what it is? It was a room on the first floor where toys were for younger schoolchildren, and for older designers, puzzles on wood, puzzles on plywood. It was possible to get there (completely free, and no one provided the documents) and to do what you want to play, wash something, watch TV, watch TV that was in the corner. They could have been free at all times and the same thing stayed free - it was just such teenage territory where it was possible to chew (in modern language) and adults just followed that there were no bardaka.

There was a children's library in the neighboring courtyard. It wasn't even necessary to record - it was possible to just walk into the reading room, grumbled transcripts of magazines. I liked the "young naturalist", "young technician" (in the latter the secrets of the foci that I loved) were published. In "Peer", "Pulse", "Rural Youth" and some others sometimes published news about the rock bands and their pictures. I have never been involved in library vandalism, but I always notice what number, what number, what is there to make yourself similar.

In the center of the city there was a music library: it was possible to listen to vinyl, and not just "melodious" - of course, the Polish layers came, and in Czech, "Balkanton". And our sampling brothers, as we know, were more liberal in the Western Museum's publication. Therefore, it was sometimes possible to win something worthwhile in the catalog and. Yes, it was necessary to register in this library. But at the same time no documents were asked with you, it was possible to call a name and surname.

And all that - not counting any "official" youth events: sports competitions, summer camps (never, but they say it could be played in cowboys and Indians))))), amateur school discos (they called chance - "leisure evenings") , for which the school bought a stupid one at the time of the light adaffulation (and not for the parents' money and for the state school!).

In the university I did myself. No "stud", no tutors. Simply came, submitted documents, then passed the exams and was convinced that it was gone. Parents did not interfere with this process at all: I just reported the estimates of the exam and the final result. Therefore, all talks could be that only representatives of "Iliti" could get a high-quality higher education, and "Noto" sat without a "Tower" - it is just nonsense! I will say more: if it were not for Soviet power, it was hardly up to my mother, who was born in the village of Rogachevka, that there would be higher education! And most likely it would be like a grandmother - three classes of parish.Same knows how to write - and enough! Think to yourself: whatever Lenin is, one of the first tasks of the New Republic, he continued an education - Libez. So that everyone is even the proudest farmers - they could not only learn to write, read and get if they wanted - at least a degree! Well who - tell me who ?! - Will the real tyrants intervene in the enlightenment of man under him ?! BUT?! Nobody! For Tirana, it is beneficial to keep people in the dark. And then - on the contrary: study, please! Here are the schools, here are the libraries, here are museums, these are theaters - they are developing! Everything, at all, not a believer in idealizing the identity of the same Lenin, but denying his gigantic contribution to the formation of a lapothesate - well, it's just unfair, I think.

Well, I'm not talking about all sorts of little signs of the era of the style of Soviet seals. MMM ... I remember this taste perfectly. And all modern advertising leaks - "That very much!" - This is a pathetic parody of the one.

Or let's say butter. There were only two types - "peasant" and "sandwich". "Bauer" was really tasty (taste it, it looks like today, like today all sorts of premium painters at 400 rubles per pack), and "Sandwich" is like everything else.

Or say the country's coat of arms. I liked the Soviet coat of arms a lot more than modern Russian. The color of the paint of Kru-R-Rowi (everyone knew about it with kindergarten), sickle (definitely with whom Zeus saw his father from Kronos, so that he could no longer imagine the heirs)), hammer (Mielnir Torah, no Doubt))))), pentagram, ear of wheat, earth in the sun's rays - powerful, beautiful characters! And now? Eh ...

In short, I don't tend to look at the scoop through rose glasses. But it would be wrong to smear all that black paint. Now our pros and cons were their own. I probably want to go back to this sphere. In general, however, the socialist approach does not apply. Win, the Swedes are building their "Swedish socialism" and not rushing out. Maybe it's time we started drawing ourselves in some kind of constructive, not just destructive, manner?

A few years ago, FAISBOOK user named Albert Tolokonnikov wrote a brilliant piece of text for all fans to read - especially those who want to return. Albert wrote almost flawless manual as it can be put into practice - and the recipe turned out to be worth enough)

So, here is Albert's recipe: "You can just go back to the USSR:

1 All to work in a dying research institute.

2 Disconnect the Internet and cell phones, leave only the first channel of Russian television.

3 Replace toilet paper with newspapers.

4 For groceries, buy good quality PhD, bread, milk, canned sea kale, bottle of cheap vodka, routine melted, very poor quality pasta and tea, beer. Water, vegetables are just rotten, fruits only apples.

5 Before you buy something to simulate a queue, you can only get 20 to 2000 minutes.

6 If you can, you can find and fix the zhiguli “penny”. Only work in the tram.

7 Do not wear high quality clothing. Shoes should always glow.

8 Ask teeth to treat without anesthesia.

9 And the most important thing is the feeling of meaninglessness and endless longing. If it is possible to reproduce it, there will be almost complete immersion in the USSR. Actually, all young attachments protecting themselves what they do not know and have never seen before, I recommend that you organize such experiments several times a year. "

Here is such a recipe "return back to the USSR" suggested Albert Tolokonnikov. How do you like, what do you say, an effective recipe? Would like to return to such

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