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Lots of bureaucracy from the wrong direction, trapped in the past.

Ex-employee or workerWorked in the IT department at Accenture in Kronberg.

Suggestions for improvement

Include the individual teams in decisions much earlier, not just when the project has already been sold to the customer. Not just blindly following processes prescribed from above, but actively questioning and also empowering middle management to abolish / replace senseless "we have always done this" procedures with little discussion effort.

Let experienced professionals look for more interesting tasks, sometimes invest some time in innovative ideas (not in the evening in the hotel during free time).

Working atmosphere

The working atmosphere in our area has deteriorated significantly over the years, mainly due to increasingly slow processes that have restricted innovative work and at the same time increasing pressure to save costs.


Depending on the "chain of command": Global and ASG-wide, there are a lot of communities and newsletters, in our area, however, I had the impression that many important topics were left behind.

Cohesion among colleagues

Great cohesion in my team, unfortunately often "fingerpointing" between the teams, in the sense of guilt for delays, mistakes, etc ... shifting back and forth between the teams.

In my opinion, however, that was less due to the individual colleagues, but rather has crept more into the process culture over the years.

For a long time management saw mistakes as something bad that shouldn't happen (instead of opportunities to learn), so the team didn't want to be responsible for them.

Work-life balance

I personally had no problems with. There were a few colleagues who accumulated a considerable amount of overtime, but I took a lot of care.

In addition, regular 24x7 on-call duty, depending on the team, you will be rung four times a week at night or only three times a year.

Managerial behavior

Due to the increasing cost pressure in recent years, the management is in a quandary and unfortunately gives way too much directly to the employees instead of standing up to senior leadership.

Absolutely okay from a human point of view, but unfortunately in some cases, from my point of view, not a successful leadership that manages to inspire employees.

Interesting tasks

Lots of standard tasks with old-fashioned technology.

Despite long promises, we unfortunately did not receive innovative projects with current topics in the field of cloud computing & automation.

Disturbing separation of architecture and operation; Solution Architects (these are usually only available from manager level) are responsible for the initial technical design, the operating teams then somehow have to cope with what has already been sold to the customer.

Engineering in the sense of end-to-end responsibility is rather not provided, either solutions are sold (manager) or they are operated relatively strictly according to regulations (specialist & analyst levels).

In the long run, this leads to frustration, especially for people with many years of professional experience who, however, have not "moved up" into management, as their skills wither at some point.

The strong separation between teams is also unpleasant; Generalist knowledge and jumping between task areas (a Linux admin who can also configure firewalls or measure database performance) is actively hindered by processes.

equal rights

We have no problems in this area, women and men have the same opportunities in my opinion.

Dealing with older colleagues

Historically, there are many older colleagues in our area, who, however, have been "sold" with increasing difficulty due to the increasing cost pressure because they are too expensive.

I haven't seen any new hires from people 40+ in my time.

working conditions

Air-conditioned office, but open plan, so the noise level tended to rise in annoying areas.

Otherwise coffee / water free of charge.

Technical equipment rather mediocre, HP laptop & iPhone SE for every employee (MacBooks or Surface only for senior leadership or marketing).

Proper mouse and keyboard only after repeated inquiries and proper justification, otherwise you can take one of the 10-year-old Logitech mice lying around.

A single 22 "full HD monitor per employee, a second is not provided (unless paid for out of pocket).

Salary / social benefits

The first few years are okay for young professionals, especially if you include small goodies such as accident insurance and a share program.

Far too little for employees with professional experience (> 5 years) who have not yet moved up into management but "only" do technical work (especially in popular areas such as development and cloud computing); even with any bonus.

Career / further education

My impression after many years at Accenture is still that "career" means getting to the managerial level at some point and from then on is more responsible for budget and project management.

A specialist career without a manager is only possible to a very limited extent, since access to interesting technical challenges is often very difficult due to the aforementioned separation of solution architecture and operation.

Training only in a very narrow framework if absolutely necessary for customer projects or if initiatives are prescribed by senior leadership. Otherwise there is little budget for further training for innovation from the teams, but gladly in personal free time.

Environmental / social awareness