What is limiting the range of wireless charging

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Person recognition, night vision and a battery for a whole year - the Eufycam 2 is a successful update of the Cam 2c. We tested the camera.

The Eufycam 2c (test report) scores with ease of use, good recording quality, precise detection and local data backup. The Eufycam 2 is supposed to do the same thing, but last almost twice as long without charging - a full year to be precise. Not many battery-operated surveillance cameras can do that. The Anker subsidiary Eufy can be trusted to do this, after all, the manufacturer of products such as the Soundbuds Flow (test report) or the Powerbank Powercore 5000 (test report) knows its way around batteries.

The Eufycam 2 is a wireless outdoor cam for monitoring private areas. The user controls them very conveniently via a free app. A base station is responsible for communication between the camera and the smartphone app. They are available in a bundle with two cameras. If you already have a Eufycam 2c, you can also get the Eufycam 2 individually without a base station.

The cams and base station are made entirely of plastic. The workmanship of the devices makes a good impression, the cameras are solid in the hand, feel of high quality and are waterproof according to IP67. As with the Eufycam 2c (test report), however, the camera's motion sensor is very susceptible to scratches. You can already see microscratches on the surface when you peel off the film. That's not nice, but it doesn't noticeably limit functionality.

The base station called Homebase 2 is well made and overall significantly lighter than the cameras. Sure, there is no built-in battery, inside there are 16 GB of memory, components for sending and receiving data and an AI chip that learns familiar faces. The cameras communicate via WLAN (2.4 GHz) with the hub, which in turn is connected to the Internet via LAN or WLAN.

The good news first: Eufy cameras are all set up according to the same principle. This saves time when adding more camera models. Setting up the Eufycam 2 is quick and easy. The enclosed manual, which explains all installation steps well, helps in practice. First, the base station is connected to the power supply unit and LAN cable - both are included with the camera. After completing the setup, a connection via WLAN is also possible. If the hub is connected to the power and network, the LED display on the front lights up steadily blue after a good minute.

Further setup is carried out using the free Eufy Security app for Android and iOS. This requires a user account. To register, the provider asks for your full name and email address. Further data such as address, which are necessary for ring surveillance cameras (link to the topic world), are not needed here. After logging in, the app shows the option add device at. With a click on HomeBase 2 the configuration of the base station starts. In the next step, the user scans the QR code on the back of the base station with his smartphone camera and waits for the connection to be established. After that, the Ethernet cable is no longer necessary and the Homebase can be positioned anywhere within WiFi range if desired. If the connection quality is not sufficient at the desired point, we have tested some repeaters in the guide for better WiFi that reinforce the home WiFi.

Now it's time to set up the two cameras. The app offers the function for this again add device and then the menu item Cam 2 . After pressing the sync button on the top of the camera for two seconds, the camera beeps briefly. According to Eufy, the camera and base station establish the connection using sound waves. In the test, the configuration worked straight away without any problems. Optionally, the Eufy system can also be connected to Alexa, Google Assistant or the Apple Home Kit (manufacturer's instructions). In this way, the cameras can be integrated into an existing smart home and listen to commands such as “Hey Siri, deactivate the camera in the garden”.

Then it comes to the positioning of the two cams. We recommend that you first place or hold the cameras in the places where they will be installed later. If the live transmission of the camera on the smartphone is of poor quality or not possible, another location should be sought for the positioning. Caution: It is not the WiFi range that is relevant for the cameras, but the distance to the Eufy base station, which in this case acts as a repeater. Under certain circumstances, this restricts the camera coverage of a house or a large apartment to a greater or lesser extent.