A logical error threatens

Super League: The logical, gruesome consequence

"The masks have been dropped," said Bundesliga boss Christian Ebenbauer in view of the impending establishment of a football super league. A mistake. Those responsible no longer wore masks. The fans just didn't want to admit that they are only as interesting for their heart clubs as their wallets.

These clubs are not the players, staff or coaches - they are the owners. You make the decisions. And all they care about is the money. Sports clubs have established themselves as an investment object; Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal are owned by US multibillionaires. Other clubs like FC Barcelona do not have a wealthy owner, but have over a billion euros in debt.

Both of them have good reasons to force a Super League. Number one: more predictability. Even the most expensive star ensemble can miss the qualification for the Champions League at one point - and thus lose potential income in the nine-figure range. If the same clubs in the Super League play out the TV money, this danger is averted. The major sports leagues in the USA have always operated according to this principle; There is no promotion or relegation. And if you have your team forever rooted in the new premier class, you can sell it to the next investor at a much higher price.

Profit maximization

Reason number two: even more money. The goal of marketing is no longer Europe, the money is now coming from Asia, America and, in the future, Africa. There clubs like FC Copenhagen and OSC Lille tend to have no fans, with matches like Real Madrid vs. Liverpool, there are many more pay-TV subscriptions to be made.

The fact that the largest - and also many of the smaller - clubs only want to squeeze as much money as possible from their supporters should not have come as a surprise. At most clubs, jerseys and tickets cost exactly as much as one can ask to maximize profit. Football works just like the rest of the economy.

Leagues and associations have always participated. Under the pressure of the super-rich, who mercilessly fought for a larger piece of the pie, the Champions League developed in the direction of a permanent duel between the money machines. Therefore it is quite possible that at the end of the fight there will be a Uefa-supported Super League - with less sporting competition, but more money for everyone. (Martin Schauhuber, April 20, 2021)


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