Who used the first card?

More "Pay to go"

Paying by card has many advantages and can be done easily at countless acceptance points in Germany and around the world. Now it is even faster and more convenient with contactless payment, because you no longer have to give your card out of your hand. You can make contactless payments with all Deutsche Bank cards that have the contactless symbol (wave). Make sure that the payment terminal in the shop or restaurant is equipped with the function - then nothing stands in the way of convenient payment!


Use the fast contactless payment at all terminals with the contactless symbol (wave).


Activation takes place automatically the first time you use your card by inserting it into the terminal as usual and confirming the transaction with your PIN.


As a rule, no PIN is required for amounts up to 50 euros. Hold the cards up to the terminal until you hear a signal - you've paid!


Contactless payment is a free function of your card - try it out!

Which cards are equipped with the contactless function?

Look for the contactless symbol (wave) on your card

Deutsche Bank debit cards

  • Deutsche Bank Card
  • Deutsche Bank Card Gold
  • Deutsche Bank Card The Young Account

Since September 10, 2018, newly issued cards have been equipped with the contactless function.