What is Hotstar doing

Hotstar APK for Android

Premium entertainment streaming service

Hotstar is India's largest premium streaming platform and gives users access to Sporting events, TV shows and films. Viewers can watch various forms of entertainment from their smart devices. The request comes from Star Network, one of the largest cable networks in the world.

Quality on the go

The app offers a wide range of content with over 100,000 hours View material. There are more than 17 languageswhere the content is accessible, which means that there should be something for everyone. You can choose the quality of the video; 1080p HD quality is the best available.

You can choose from one of two Hotstar packages. The VIP package or the premium package each come with a subscription. The VIP plan gives you access to many exciting sporting events, including IPL matches, other cricket tournaments, kabaddi, and water sports. You can upgrade from VIP to Premium to get all the sporty features and some extras.

The premium package is intended for sports fans who also want other forms of entertainment. You get access to the latest TV shows and movies to stream on your Android device. You get the best of Indian TV shows and access to channels like National Geographic. There are also fantastic ones Bollywood films and hot Hollywood blockbusters to see.

The app is well built, it looks great from the home page to other menus that you can open while searching for content. The tile format does it easy to take a look at what is on offerwithout scrolling too much. The categories are straightforward, and there is a search function if you have something specific in mind that you want to check out.

Discover and play

Hotstar TV Movies also produces Live Cricket original content. The programs are available as Hotstar specials known; popular shows that came from the platform include hostages and criminal justice. You can switch between browsing the list of topics, sports, movies, and TV shows on offer. Most films have trailers so that you can get an overview of what is on offer.

Like many other streaming platforms, this one also gathers data about what you've watched and what you like in order to make recommendations. That does that Discover new TV series and movies a pleasant and easy process. You can create a wish listthat gives you content to watch later, but is also updated when new episodes are available.

The controls for your films or the program are easy to use. You can the introduction a television show skip, move back and forth through content, and pause a video. When you're signed in to the app, you can pick up your viewing of on-demand content where you left off.

Interact and socialize

The content available varies depending on your location. Users in Canada might have access to some shows, while choices in the US might be more limited or users in India might have even more choices due to competitors in the US market. The app can only be operated at this location with its specific content.

At major tournaments or Indian Premier League cricket matches, the app introduced an interactive and social element that is fun. Users who were not watching in full screen mode could during a game chat with their friends. There was also the possibility the exit of the next ball to predictpoints were awarded for correct guesses.

It is possible to view some content offline. Users can Download programswhich are then available for offline viewing. The application is best used via WiFi. It works over though 4G and 3G, however, requires a large amount of data and can cause buffering problems.

What else is there?

A free trial of Hotstar helps you find out if it suits your needs. There are more OTT or over-the-top streaming deals out there than ever before, meaning if this app isn't for you, there are plenty of other options that you can try. Here are some potential alternatives that offer something different.

One of the largest providers on the market is Netflix. They don't offer sports which could be an obstacle, but they do incredibly large library with TV shows, documentaries, movies, and some very good original content. Playback is usually very fluid. The content will updated regularlywhich means it shouldn't be hard to find something to look at.

Another popular competing service is Amazon Prime. As with other services, the content varies from region to region and this often depends on the competitors in that area. This service works through a subscription but also offers Premium content for rent. Sports as well as thousands of other entertainment options are offered on this platform.

If special access to Indian shows on Hotstar isn't what you're looking for, then you can go for something with mostly US content. Sling TV acts as a Television magazineshowing you a wide variety of channels. You can save your subscription in Pay-per-view procedure recharge to gain access to different parts of the service.

Variety and fun in a neat package

Hotstar is a good rival to streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime. It offers content for fans of Indian TV and Bollywood that cannot be found anywhere else. However, due to the competition in the US, the content is not quite as noticeable as it is for the Indian audience, who get more sports and the biggest TV shows. The use of the app is a pleasant experiencealthough some buffering issues make cell data less attractive to look at.

The last update offered the possibility to download not only regional and older content, but also premium videos. A change has also been made to support for aspect ratios. Viewers can now watch content at an 18: 9 ratio, resulting in an improved viewing experience.