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Are you invited to a party and all you need is a suitable gift? Often the hosts, birthday children, want a financial subsidy, so the time-consuming search for the right gift is no longer necessary. I think that's a funny idea, maybe you would like to give away such a money printing machine one day.

Difficulty level: ♣♣♣♣♣

Time required: 2 hours

Material costs: about 15 €

Required material

  • square box
  • Cardboard
  • Motif cardboard
  • Spray adhesive
  • Ribbon

Instructions for money printing machine

  1. Take an old, square package, e.g. a tissue package, and paint or cover it with cardboard. You can also spray the box.
  2. Cut another slit in the wall of the front view of the box through which the banknotes will later have to fit. The slot should also be as wide as the banknotes.
  3. Design the walls of the cube for the money printing machine with design paper, lettering and bows. Of course there are no limits to creativity.
  4. Lay all the bills next to each other and tape the ends together with tape or washi tape. You will get that again later. So it should be a long ribbon of banknotes.
  5. The straw should be the length of the width of your box. Glue the first bill to the straw and roll it up. Clamp the straw with the rolled up banknotes behind the slot from the inside and stick the first banknote from behind through the slot in the front wall.
The box is suitable for all occasions, the design options are versatile and individually adaptable.


Have fun copying.

I like it:

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