What lip color will never be out of date

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Lips permanent make-up

Lip blushing is one of the newest permanent make-up techniques.

Vitalize and emphasize your lip color. The color is only worked into the surface. Lip blushing is less painful than conventional permanent make-up.

The lip blush lasts about 2 years. Color retention depends on the client's skin, lifestyle and proper aftercare.

A lip permanent make-up treatment allows you to highlight the natural beauty of the lips, correct asymmetry, and add definition and fullness. With the help of permanent make-up it is possible to visually reduce age lines around the lips. Pale lip colors can also be corrected. The color is individually adapted for each customer in order to achieve an optimal result.

The lip permanent make-up fades by 40-50%.

Preparing your lips with a scrub and moisturizer before treatment is necessary. A soft skin absorbs pigments better.

Color correction for dark lips

The color correction for dark lips is the newest version of permanent make-up. If you have a dark lip this tattoo will give you a successful lightening with a perfect shape match.

Lip color grader is great for people who have a dark lip, or have vitiligo, or who have scars on their lips and want to hide.

The delicate tattooing is time consuming. The duration depends on the texture and darkness of your lips. Tattooing dark lips usually requires 3 sessions to achieve the results you want (around 8 weeks). The "lightened" color gives your lip a softer and younger look that lasts for over 3 years.