The era of landline connections is coming back

Telefónica Deutschland will invest billions in the mobile network by 2022:Additional investments herald a new growth phase and the start of the 5G era

5G network starts in cities in 2020; Rapid nationwide LTE expansion continues
Company wants to increase sales by a total of at least 5 percent by 2022
Management board proposes a dividend of 17 euro cents per share from 2019
Telefónica Deutschland plans to offer its To accelerate growth significantly. In the years 2020 to 2022, the company wants to increase its sales by a total of at least 5 percent and its Further increase profitability. As a basis for this growth, several hundred million euros should also flow into the network expansion.So far, Telefónica Deutschland has invested around one billion euros annually, most of it in the network. To the Comprehensive LTE expansionas well as the rapid development of a powerful 5G cellular infrastructureThe company will make it possible in the next two years Invest 17-18 percent of its sales. After a strong increase in network performance in 2019 and three times the grade "good" in current network tests, the company will offer its customers an excellent network experience for all relevant fields of application with the additional investment boost.