Are Korean Skin Products Safe?

Facial care from Korea - what is this beauty hype about?

If you believe beauty insiders, Korean facial care is currently synonymous with products that are absolutely worth their time and money. Because even if it is not so easy to translate the characters on the packaging in this country - beauty bloggers and celebrities are dedicated to the effect of the new Asian brands.

Whether relatively inexpensive cleaning agents, creams, with unprecedented ingredients such as snail slime or donkey milk, or masks that are placed on the face like a leaf: Korean cosmetics promise a more radiant complexion, clear skin and more moisture. Because Asian culture is generally ascribed a higher affinity for care, one is inclined to trust the effect.

The masks are an Instagram accessory

And even if you are not aware of the direct association, you have already encountered one or the other Korean product on social media: Photos of the care rituals are shared with great popularity on Instagram, which - not least because of the sheet masks and other strange mask shapes - sometimes can look creepy. Koreans use these face masks at least once or twice a week as a regular part of their grooming routine.

Of course, there are already a few prominent examples in which the Korean masks have already been used, for example with actress Drew Barrymore: