How do I plant tomato seeds outside

Propagate tomatoes with seeds yourself

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It is very easy to get seeds from tomato plants for the next year and propagate them that way. Important: The mother plant must be solid.

Tomatoes are one of the most popular vegetables, but sometimes they are a real disappointment in terms of taste. If you have discovered a particularly tasty variety, you can simply grow it yourself. Propagation is easy. The most important requirement: The tomato plant from which the seeds are to be obtained must be seed-proof. What does that mean?

Propagation only possible with non-seed varieties

Tomatoes with the same properties as those of the mother plant grow from the seeds of solid-seeded varieties. This is not the case with most commercially available plants and seed packs. They are mostly so-called F1 hybrids. If their seeds are used, plants with completely different properties can arise. In some cases the plants cannot reproduce at all or they have degenerated. The reason: In modern breeds, the properties that were combined in the parent plant usually split up again in the following generation.

So if you want to get seeds from tomatoes - or other vegetables - you have to make sure that they are seed-proof. Some clubs and some commercial sellers offer this seed on the Internet. Some garden centers also have it in their range.

Extracting seeds from the tomato: this is how it works

Tomato seeds can be used for up to five years.

To obtain seeds, ripe and healthy tomatoes should be used. The seed itself is surrounded by a gelatinous mass. It ensures that the seeds do not germinate in the fruit. Cut the tomato open and scrape the seeds together with a small spoon and place in a glass with the pulp, then pour water on it. Within two to four days, the seeds separate from the gelatinous mass and sink to the bottom. Seeds floating at the top cannot germinate and should be sorted out. Now free the seeds from any remains of the mass in a sieve under running water and place them on paper, for example a newspaper, to dry for about two to three weeks.

Seeds last for five years

If the seeds are stored dry and tightly closed, they will last for about five years. If you want to be sure that the seeds are still okay, you should do a germination test before sowing. One tomato is usually sufficient for the production of seeds, because one fruit contains between 30 and 40 seeds.

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