What are bare metal servers

Difference between bare metal and dedicated servers

Is there a difference between a so-called bare metal server and a dedicated server? We will look at the answer to this question, the possible uses, and the advantages and disadvantages in more detail below.

What is a bare metal server?

“Bare metal” as a technical term comes from English and literally means “bare metal”. This means the pure hardware, i.e. the physical server. With this type of server, the software (e.g. the operating system) is not preinstalled. Basically, the bare metal server can be equated with a dedicated server. STRATO provides you with the desired operating system when you order a dedicated server.

What are the benefits of a bare metal server?

The advantage of a dedicated server or a bare metal server is clear: The server belongs only to you and you do not share the resources with other users, which gives you high-performance components.

You decide how the traffic is distributed on the server. Thanks to the unrestricted root access to the bare metal server, you can also manually adjust the operating system. You have all rights and achieve the desired state of the kernel. You can install the customized software on the server.

With a bare metal server you get a fixed IP address. With a fixed IP address you have a significant advantage over your competitors who manage their web projects on shared hosting platforms. On shared hosting platforms, you only get one dynamic IP address that is used by several users at the same time.
If someone from the same IP address engages in spam, phishing or similar undesirable activities that violate the guidelines of search engines such as Google, this can also have a negative effect on your web project. In the worst case, the search engine will mark this IP address with a so-called “spam flag”. There is a risk that your web project will be removed from the search engine results. With a permanent IP address that belongs exclusively to you, you avoid this potential risk.

  • reliable performance
  • entire performance exclusively for one user
  • unlimited root access
  • fixed IP address

What are the disadvantages of the bare metal server?

If we compare “bare metal” with a virtual server, we will find a price difference. Since the hardware is not shared with other users and costs cannot be minimized as a result, the bare metal server is usually more expensive.

The administrative effort can be another minus point. In relation to shared products or managed servers, this is clearly higher. In order to be able to start a web project, administrative work must first be carried out: The installation of the operating system, the partitioning of the hardware components and the setting up of the necessary web server services. All of this has to be carefully considered and carried out before you can start building the actual web project.

When choosing the Dedicated Server, you should carefully consider which hardware combination you need for the planned project. It is no longer possible to upgrade the hardware afterwards. When you have reached your hardware limits, it is time to get a more powerful server. To do this, a new server must be ordered and the new platform set up again.

  • higher price
  • administrative expenses
  • non-expandable hardware components

What can I use the bare metal server for?

  • As a web server:
    A dedicated server is recommended for high-quality pages with a lot of content and likely high visitor numbers and thus high utilization.
  • As a database server:
    With large amounts of data, it can make sense to use a dedicated server as a database server. The machine is only used to process large amounts of data.
  • As a game server:
    Exciting for gamers who want to set up an individual game landscape in order to be able to play with other gamers worldwide.
  • As a VPN:
    Via a remote connection, the VPN can use the server as a central work platform, for example to make work processes more effective. The VPN platform can be set up as an intranet and used to manage internal company data.


The bare metal server is a dedicated server and is usually offered without software. This server is perfect for large and individual projects.