How are Scorpions and Leos similar?

Cancer and Scorpio

With Cancer and Scorpio, two partners from the water elements come together. Both signs are known for their emotionality and each have their own way of dealing with feelings. Both can stand each other very well. More than any other sign, Cancer in Scorpio can tell when the limits have been reached. Cancer is also very open to rethinking its opinion about Scorpio.

The Scorpio already tells Cancer where to go

Scorpios and Cancers are both sentimental people. While the Scorpio explores the depths of the human psyche, the Cancer likes to deal with the "soft skills" - the skills that one should ideally master in human interaction. Because the Scorpio knows about the sensitivity of the Cancer - and also likes to go to the origins - the Scorpio helps the Cancer to become clear about his own feelings and motives. The Scorpio is more straightforward than the Cancer and he is also more assertive in what he does and says. Cancer aligns itself to this and also likes to hide a little behind its partner. When things get difficult, the Cancer often sends the Scorpio out.

Cancer has an emotionally demanding relationship with Scorpio

The relationship between Cancer and Scorpio is one of strong, deep emotions. There is something fateful about their love for one another. In addition, the Scorpio lives out the emotional side of the relationship a little more than the Cancer. Scorpios are a little more jealous, they tend to control their partner even more and they can address insults and vulnerabilities even more intensively and challenge their partner. Relationships between Cancer and Scorpio tend to be obsessive. There is one thing the Scorpio does not get involved in: emotional blackmail from Cancer. He knows the characteristics of Cancer too well for that and drives him out of such attempts very quickly.

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Cancer as a partner

Loneliness and solitude is a terrible idea for Cancer. Cancer likes to have someone around, but without having to feel restricted by it. Read more about partnering with cancer here.

Scorpio as a partner

Anyone who has a Scorpio partner has to be able to get used to extremes. Scorpios are lovable people who are very well aware of their own downsides and that of others. What importance the partnership has for the Scorpio and what he values ‚Äč‚Äčabout his partner can be read under Scorpio as a partner.