Orcas prey on dolphins

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Social behavior

Orcas are very social. They live in close families of 10-70 animals. If there is a child, the whole group takes care of the boy, regardless of whether they are related or not. In addition, each group has individual sounds.

Orca whale or dolphin?

Even if it seems like it, orcas aren't really whales at all. The impressive size and the name swordwhale suggests orcas are whales, but in reality they are dolphins.

Dimensions & mass

Orcas have a very large fin (the fin is the dorsal fin). This can be up to 1.8 m long. Unbelievable? Orcas are 6-8 m long, which is why they are also the largest among the dolphins. An orca's brain is the second largest among marine mammals. In addition, they will shear up to 6 tons (a ton is as heavy as a small car)! Calves are already 2.4 m long and weigh 180 kg when they are hives


Orcas swim up to 80km a day. On short stretches they can reach speeds of up to 65km / h. They cover longer distances at a speed of approx. 10-20 km / h.


Orcas hunt in large groups. They are top hunters and use very intelligent hunting techniques. For example, they push seals off ice floes or stun their prey with powerful fins. Or they confuse their prey with air bubbles. Orcas very rarely kill and eat great white sharks. They have no natural predators, but orca babies should be wary of large sharks.


Orcas are mainly found in polar seas, in the North Pacific and in the North Atlantic. Mostly they swim near coasts. Generally they live in cold waters.


On the menu of the orcas are among other things: fish, whales, seals, sea birds, turtles.


Orcas, like other dolphins, emit clicks; the dolphin recognizes what its surroundings look like by the echo of the sound waves. The dolphin "hears" the echo with its forehead, the so-called melon. This is called Echolocation.

Black and white outfit

Killer whales (orcas) are beautiful black and white. This is for camouflage. Orcas are white from below and black from above. When you see them from above they are almost invisible next to the dark seabed, when you see them from below the orca seems almost invisible next to the bright sea surface.

Where does the name killer whale come from?

Orcas are wrongly called killer whales. There are various guesses as to where the name comes from. One of them is this: Since orcas also hunt other whales, they were called "whale killer". By twisting it, the terrifying name "killer whale" was lost.

Oh, a little info: The oldest orca was over 100 years old, crazy, right ?! I think orcas are very fascinating animals! Fortunately, they are not considered endangered. I hope you enjoyed my article.

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