Can Google Allo compete with WhatsApp

Google Hangouts listens to conversations and wants to provide suggestions

New stickers at Hangouts
Image: Google Play Store Google has completely redesigned its text, voice and video chat app Hangouts for Android in an update. In addition to 16 new sticker packs, such as penguins, cats and koalas, and video filters, two new functions stand out that data protectionists shouldn't like - context-dependent interaction suggestions.

The function, dubbed Smart Suggestions, analyzes conversation contents and recognizes, for example, the question of the location, as Google developer Rhett Robinson reports in an entry on the Google+ network. If a contact asks "Where are you?", The program will in future automatically provide a button that users can use to send their location with a tap of the finger. The program also receives a "Last Seen" message. New stickers at Hangouts
Image: Google Play Store This way you can always see when a contact was last online. This function will be delivered gradually so that the timestamp may not be active for some contacts. Furthermore, the linking of contacts with the mobile phone number has been improved. The iOS version of Hangouts should also receive the new functions shortly.

Privacy in messaging services

The issue of privacy in messaging services is not only hotly debated among users. For example, the introduction of blue ticks on the competitor WhatsApp service, which serve as read receipts, was questionable in terms of data protection law - there was no way to prevent this function.

A good month ago, Google made another messenger app available in the Play Store. To what extent the two services will compete with each other remains to be seen.