How do i play a game

Install games on Xbox

Whether you buy a game on disc, download it from the Microsoft Store, or get it through Xbox Game Pass, you must first install the game on your console hard drive before you can play it.
  • To play games optimized for Xbox Series X | S, they must be installed in your console's internal memory (the default location) or on the memory expansion card (sold separately).
  • In most cases, when you install a game on Xbox Series X | S, you automatically get the best version for your console. For more information, see:
Installing games from a disc (3)
When you insert a game disc into the console, the console checks to see if the game is already installed. If it doesn't, you will be prompted to install the game.
You may also be asked to download an update for the game before starting the game.
Note: Installing from a disc does not apply to the Xbox Series S and Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, which do not have an optical drive.
Install games from the Microsoft Store or Xbox Game Pass (2)
When you download a game from the Microsoft Store or through Xbox Game Pass, it is installed automatically. While the game is being downloaded and installed, it will be located atMy games & apps > Manage > Queue displayed.
To install the game later, switch to My games & apps > Full libraryAll own games, select the game title, then click Install all.
Remote installation of games (2)
Reinstalling games (2)
Before you can reinstall a game, you must first uninstall it from the console hard drive. To uninstall a game:
  1. Press the Xbox button to open the guide, then selectMy games & apps > Show all > Games out.
  2. Highlight the game you want to uninstall, press the Menu button, choose Uninstall then follow the instructions.
You can then reinstall the game by inserting the disc, re-downloading it from Microsoft Store or Xbox Game Pass, or by downloading it My games & apps > Full library switch.

Do I have to install the entire game before playing? (1)
No. Some Xbox games are very big. Installing the entire game can take a while, especially if you are downloading the title. All games can be started before the installation is complete, even if not all game functions are available by then. Watch under My games & apps in the section Queue or Games the download: “Downloading” will change to “Ready to Start” once the download is available to play.
Will my game information or game progress be lost after reinstalling? (2)
Can I play another game while installing a game on my Xbox? (1)
Yes. You can still play digital games while installing a game from the Microsoft Store, Xbox Game Pass, or disc. However, you cannot play games from a disc if you install from it.
I have the disc. Why do I need to install a game anyway? (1)
Optical drives cannot read data fast enough to keep up with modern games. Therefore, install the game from disc onto your Xbox One for the best possible gaming experience.
Why does it take so long to install a game? (2)

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