What is Google's Latest Backlink Algorithm

From Panda to Penguin: An overview of the most important Google updates

In mid-August, the misleading name of the “Medic Update” swirled up the Google search results pages. Sometimes websites lost visibility by up to 80%. But as in the game, the same applies to Google - where there are losers, there are also winners. There were also countless cases of website operators who were able to increase the visibility of their website enormously.

Google only said that there was an update, but the company did not reveal which changes to the algorithm had been implemented. The big puzzle began as to which screws Google has turned with this update and what you can change on your own website as a person affected. Further information can be found in the section below on the subject of "Medic Update".

With the new update around October 8th, 2018, which was simply called Medic Update 2 in the industry (even if the name does not apply, it was kept for the sake of simplicity), Google seems to have the changes that resulted from the first Medic update are to be partially withdrawn or mitigated.

As with the first Medic update, websites with sensitive topics (your money, your life - health issues, credit, insurance, etc.) are particularly affected. Interestingly, websites whose webmasters had not taken any specific action also recovered. The Medic Update-2 shows once again that Google also makes mistakes and tries to reverse them with further updates. As a webmaster, of course, you cannot rely on this.