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SYNSORB Biotech Q3 / Q4 2000 !!! - 500 posts per page

In response to multiple requests from some interested board members, I am hereby opening a new Synsorb Biotech Thread! For all those who are not yet so familiar with the value, I put the partial reading of the previous threads: e.g. Thread: SYNSORB NEWS for the fundamental things and what it is all about! For the more up-to-date assessments, rating level, price targets, etc. Thread: SYNSORB Biotech. to my heart (so I don't have to post everything over and over)! So if you have any questions, it's best to first take a look at one of the threads, there is sure to be an answer!

Trading history 11/14/2000 / Tuesday:

USA (SYBB): US $ 2,313 = about 2.70 euros at 67,900 pieces. -2.63%,by far the largest single volume: 1x9,000, 1x 8,000, 1x7,000, several around 4,000. - In contrast to the previous days, very neat, interest before Q3-Z. germinates?!?

Canada (SYB.TO): C $ 3.60 = about 2.72 euros at 97,139 pieces. -2.70%,by far the largest single volume 1x 50,000 (C $ 3.70), 1x about 10,000, several around 4,000-5,000 pieces. - also recovered considerably!

Canada (ONC.TO): C $ 18.75 = 15.45 euros for 9,016 pieces. + 0.27%,largest single volume: 2x1,900, 2x750St. - extremely (!) little, but still quite stable ...

Current value of Synsorbs Oncolytics shares (40%):

6,750,000 shares x C $ 18.75 = C $ 126,563,000 = US $ 81,891,000

(ONC value per SYBB share = about C $ 3.21 = about US $ 2.08 = about 2.43 euros with 39,424,317 outstanding shares = complete MK)
That means: the current adjusted price of a Synsorb share is approx .: C $ 0.39 = US $ 0.233 = 0.272 euros !!! * looks cute *

Market capitalization (MK on Nasdaq) Synsorb currently approx (at a price of US $ 2,313): US $ 96,100,000

Synsorb's adjusted rating (excluding their Oncolytics stakes):

US $ 91,200,000 - US $ 81,891,000 = US $ 9,309,000 (only !!!) (approx.) * Again below $ 10Mio will definitely be better soon *

Spread USA / Canada:approx. 2 euro cents, i.e. less than 1%.

Synsorb chart technical:
Slow stochastics: Generates buy-signal in the oversold area !!!
Almost stochastic: Generates a weak sell-signal also in the already oversold area.
MACD: Turning to sell in the slightly oversold area.
RSI: Lower neutral area, almost oversold.
Momentum: Slightly falling.
Position:Slightly below the 38-day line (currently running at around US $ 2.50) ...
Trend (short term): Cannot be clearly determined. A slight downward trend can be seen in the very short term, the short-term trend since mid-October is now sideways for the first time. Too many variables - Q3 results in the next few days, volumes recovering noticeably - some "chickens" seem to have been startled.
Unfortunately, we have not (yet) made the "jump" over the GD-38 once again.

Oncolytics course: Almost unchanged, at first a little lighter, but then back to the plus. All with extremely (!) Small sales. (High: C $ 19.25 / Low: C $ 18.35)
Synsorb course: A little lighter, a little well-recovered sales - a little more at the TSE. (High: US $ 2,438 = 2.84 euros / Low: US $ 2.25 = 2.62 euros)

Adjusted valuation: (SYBB without ONC.TO shares) Approx. US $ 9.3 million - really doesn't do the company justice - and if it were 10 times as much, then still not!

Trading Volume:

Nasdaq:A bit recovered - in contrast to the past few days actually quite well - it looks as if some of them are in the process of building up larger positions again - some of the smaller ones have probably been reduced due to reallocations / tax selling. (67,900pcs.)
Toronto:Slightly more liquid than Nasdaq with a large individual volume of approx. 50,000 units. (97.139st.)
Oncolytics:Almost no sales at all - suggests a little less interest at the moment.

TIP:In order to be able to follow the individual volumes in RT better, go to:


and just enter SYBB at "Sym" - there you will find the individualAsk and bid volumes with the bids ... very practical!

Euro: Not much has changed in the last few days - US $ has gotten a little stronger again ...(current US $ 1 = 1.166589Euro) ... There were no interventions and the US election decision is getting closer ...

Other factors: Nasdaq: In my opinion, a violent bear market rally today (which could last up to 3,300-3,350 points (!), As the RSI is still oversold and Fast Stochastics is on "buy"!) As a technical counter-reaction to the massive price losses of the last one Days ...