How good are your breasts

Translation of "your breasts" in spanish

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Or send her a picture of your breasts.

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Unlike your husband, he wouldn't hide if you were him your breasts show.
A diferencia de tu marido, quien es probable que acepte lo que sea ... ... si le mostraras tus senos.
In college you got the people your breasts shown.
Julie, your breasts look great in this blouse.
Julie, tus senos se ven geniales en esa blusa.
Your breasts are mentioned in my will.
But your breasts got bigger.
And don't do that thing your breasts.
However, are your breasts also no longer grown.
It U.N poco grande, pero valley vez te acostumbrarás.
You asked me directly if your breasts Look ok.
Cuando te conocí, me mostraste los senos para saber mi opinión.
I look at our wedding photos and try your breasts to find.
Ver photos de nuestra boda y tratar de hallar tus senos.
And I'm not just saying this because your breasts get bigger now.
Y no lo digo porque tus senos vayan a crecer.
I saw how you slept and how Your breasts trembled.
Te miraba dormir, tus senos subiendo y bajando.
What did you say your breasts?
To your breasts And all the saints arise
Hasta hacer levantar tus seños, y a todos los Santos ...
Yes, your breasts look good, your life is perfect and i will die alone.
Sí, tus senos se ven bien, tu vida es perfecta, y yo voy a morir solo.
Well. How are you your breasts?
I see you bind your breasts no longer off.
Either you put on a dress now, that your breasts stressed, or ...
Puedes escoger un vestido que muestre tus senos...
Your breasts like grapes on the vine and the scent of your breath like apples.
The perfume de tu aliento como el de las manzanas.
I think so your breasts do not fall on the plate when eating.
Bueno, yo creo que, Para mantener sus senos fuera Del plato cuando comen,
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